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Last reviewed: June 2011

You know who you are

Apparently, the sprayer referred to above must be used by a sane, sober, middle-aged person who is familiar with the device, is somewhat lazy but awake, and isn't nursing or pregnant. Oh—and don't leave it in the sun. "Otherwise will speed up the aged about the battery," the manual says, "and may cause weeping, emit heat, craze, or strike fire etc."

Warning about who should not be using this machine

'Nuff said

Ad for snow blowers, but the store was closed due to inclement weather

Was a wicked stepsister involved?

When a California reader and her kids found this princess among the cups at Target, they knew what to do: Send a photo to Selling It. "How on earth did the design slip through several steps of quality control," she asks, "without anybody noticing how anatomically incorrect the figure is?"

Princess cup with the straw coming out of her midsection

With a name like that …

From a Food and Drug Administration announcement earlier this year: "Circle City Marketing and Distributing … is issuing a voluntary recall of all Toxic Waste brand Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars." (Some bars had elevated levels of lead.)

Toxic Waste brand Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars, which were recalled after some bars had elevated levels of lead

The star-spangled … maple leaf

This puzzle is labeled "Proudly Made in the U.S.A" and shows what the buyers assumed was a typical American winter scene. As they assembled it, something changed.

Jigsaw puzzle box that gives you the impression of an American winter scene, but putting it together revealed a wintry Canada

Plaque prevention?

"Glad to know that if you are sick enough to require home defibrillation, you get a free toothbrush," said one of the two readers who remarked on this combo. "I'm not sure that oral hygiene would be on the top of my list."

Ad for a defibrillator that comes with a toothbrush

That's Ms. Deceased to you

You'd think Merchants Bank might have figured this one out, since the recipient died five years ago. And no, her business wasn't harp-making or cloud computing.

Letter from a bank to a woman that had been dead for 5 years

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