Blu-ray player

Last reviewed: March 2011
March 2011 issue cover This article appeared in
March 2011 Consumer Reports Magazine.
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If you're not looking for a new TV set but want to upgrade from your DVD player, an Internet-ready Blu-ray player is a great option. Hook up the player to your network (via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection) and connect the player to your TV via an HDMI or component-video cable.

Blu-ray players often share the widget interface used by TVs of the same brand and provide the same selection of content. Almost two-thirds of the Blu-ray players in our Ratings (available to subscribers), including models that sell for about $100, can stream TV shows and movies from one or more online video services.

Bottom line

A Blu-ray player offers a low-priced way to get Internet connectivity without a TV. And it serves double duty: It will also play all your discs.