Set-top box

Last reviewed: March 2011

These devices are designed specifically to add Internet connectivity to your TV. The boxes currently on the market include Apple TV ($100), the D-Link Boxee Box ($200), the Logitech Revue ($300), and Roku ($60 to $100). With most of them, you hook up the box to your broadband connection and your TV. The Revue connects your cable or satellite set-top box to your TV. All of these boxes include built-in Wi-Fi, so you don't need to run wires from your Ethernet connection to the room in which they'll be used. The Revue and Boxee also have full Web browsers, letting you surf anywhere online with your TV.

Bottom line

One of these boxes could be just the ticket if you want to add Internet capability to your current TV and don't want or need a Blu-ray player. And some set-top boxes have features that you can't get from other devices, as we note in How set-top boxes compare.