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Steer clear of this Viking

Last reviewed: November 2011

Viking ranges haven't made our winners list in recent tests, despite their lofty prices. The brand's 30-inch VGSC5304BSS gas range, $5,000, never even made it to the finish line. We judged that model a Don't Buy: Performance Problem after wiring connectors melted on two ranges.

The first range tripped an electrical circuit breaker in our lab and stopped working during a break-in period, when we run the oven's self-cleaning feature. An authorized service technician found a melted wiring connector beneath the range and said it had caused an electrical short. A replacement unit completed our self-cleaning break-in. But subpar results in our baking test and an oven burner that frequently cycled on and off suggested we investigate further. That time, another service technician said that the oven was working as intended. Yet he noticed a different wiring connector that had partially melted but not shorted. When we contacted a service representative for Viking she told us that she had never heard of that problem. Because two ranges of the same model had the same type of problem, we think you should avoid it. If you already own one and experience problems, ask for a repair under the manufacturer's three-year warranty (one year if bought before May 1, 2011).

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