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December 2009 Ratings

More-healthful stuffings

Last reviewed: December 2009
Illustration of woman carrying a pot of stuffing
Illustration by Alison Seifer

We debated that headline, because this holiday staple is hardly broccoli. But our staffers did find four among 15 popular stuffings that earned a "good" for nutrition as prepared (usually you add water and a little fat such as butter or margarine), based on calories per gram, fats, sodium, sugars, minerals, and fiber.

The best choices are in our Ratings. Nutrition of the other stuffings we tested was fair overall, though scores differed slightly. In nutrition-score order, they were: Pepperidge Farm Cornbread, Zatarain's New Orleans Style Cornbread, Stove Top Turkey, Great Value Turkey Flavored (Walmart), Great Value Cornbread (Walmart), Manischewitz Homestyle Stovetop, Bell's Traditional, Stove Top Cornbread, Arnold Premium Herb Seasoned, Arnold Premium Cornbread, and Kellogg's Seasoned with Five Savory Herbs. The Arnolds and Kellogg's fell to the bottom of the list partly because of their 200-plus calories per serving and 13 grams of total fat.

You can make a stuffing more healthful by following suggestions on some labels, such as using olive oil instead of vegetable oil, using fat-free chicken broth or trans-fat-free spread, or using a little less butter or margarine. It's easy to overindulge, so watch your serving size.