MP3 player reviews

MP3 player reviews

Consumer Reports is the only place to find unbiased, independent MP3 player reviews. Most people want to know if they should buy an iPod or another brand of MP3 player. Another thing to consider is if you will want video. There are many other functions of an MP3 player that you’ll want to think about as well.

Our experts at the Consumer Reports National Testing and Research Center have evaluated more than 10 current MP3 player models at our on-site MP3 player testing labs. Our reviews will provide you with recommended MP3 player models based on price, performance, and features. You can also subscribe to our MP3 player Ratings, where you will find the exact numerical score our experts have assigned to each of the 11 tested review criteria: ease of use, headphone quality, audio playback time, damage resistance, still picture quality, motion video quality, video playback time, height, width, depth, and weight. We provide information on three brands: Apple, SanDisk, and Philips. Our MP3 player review pages also include a selection tool, where you can input brand, category, and price to narrow down the right MP3 player for your needs.

After reading the MP3 player reviews, you can compare models, review our list of the features and specifications, read user reviews, and submit your own review.

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Also look at our MP3 player buying guide, which shows you which features are important and gives you the pros and cons of each model.

Read the MP3 player reviews below and compare the Ratings of each model before you shop.

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