Microsoft's creepy Kin video: Does it encourage sexting?

Microsoft's creepy Kin video: Does it encourage sexting?

Consumer Reports News: April 13, 2010 03:46 PM

Photo collage: Consumer Reports

Microsoft is promoting its new Kin phones, built for socially networked kids, with a video that we think comes uncomfortably close to advocating sexting—as in the sending of nude photos via cell phone.

The video, on a promotional site for the new phones, includes a downright creepy sequence in which a young man is shown putting a Kin under his shirt and apparently snapping a picture of one of his naked breasts. The breast is then shown on the phone's screen, just before the guy apparently sends it to someone. Next we see the face of a young woman, seemingly the recipient, with an amused expression on her face.

The entire sequence comprises about 10 seconds of a 60-second video (embedded after the jump), and the music-video-style cinematography makes it a little difficult to tell what you're looking at, including the sex of the person shooting the picture. But if you pause video during the crucial moments, or create a collage of the key images (as we did above), you definitely get the picture.

The sequence starts around minute 0:30.

What do you think? Is this harmless promotion of a phone built for social networking or something more disturbing?

—Mike Gikas

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