Saab to use Google's Android for new 'infotainment system' - IQon

Consumer Reports News: March 04, 2011 05:30 PM

Lots of cars these days have touch screens. But Saab is taking that concept one step further with the removable tablet in its PhoeniX concept car shown in Geneva this week.

The eight-inch color tablet that docks on the dashboard to control dashboard functions like navigation, music selection and in-car climate control, among many others. The IQon tablet runs Google's Android operating system, so car owners can download Android apps and use the IQon's dashboard touch screen as if it were a mobile device. The system automatically connects to the Internet via cellular when the car is turned on.

According to Saab, Android developers will be able to create new apps based on information collected through sensors throughout the car. More than 500 sensors will monitor everything from car speed, location, and direction to the position of the sun and barometric pressure. These apps would then be available through an IQon store. 

Rumor has it this system will appear in the 2012 Saab 9-3. As of yet, no word on what the 'infotainment system' might cost. With IQon, Saab is following the trend of other major carmakers by offering up-to-date electronic interface in its vehicles. Check out our previous coverage of similar high-tech systems like GM's MyLinkFord's MyTouch and Toyota's Entune

--Maggie Shader


Aaron Bailey


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