Apple iOS update will fix iPhone location tracking

Consumer Reports News: May 02, 2011 03:28 PM

Apple is preparing to fix its iOS software that allows its iPhone and iPad to track users' whereabouts, according to a website.

The Boy Genius Report website is reporting that it has received a copy of the iOS update patch—a software fix that was announced by Apple just days after the news of researchers' discovery of iPhone's location tracking capabilities.

Although the software hasn't been verified or tested, the website says the updated iOS will supposedly no longer keep copies of the "consolidated.db" location database file on iTunes. And, that file will be deleted once the iPhone's Location Services feature is turned off.

The update to iOS—expected in the next two weeks—will bring other features, such as improved battery life, as well.

Despite Apple's equivocal stance that it "is not tracking the location" of user's iPhones, Apple is still facing quite the battle over "locationgate," including a lawsuit and a deeper probe by the European Union.

What do you think? Will the iOS update help appease those who are concerned about potential privacy issues? Or will it cause others to take a closer look at Apple?

Apple to fix location tracking bug in iOS 4.3.3; due out soon [Boy Genius Report]
iOS 4.3.3 said to address location issues [CNET]
Apple Sued Over User Location Data Storage on IPhones, IPads [Bloomberg]
Apple, Sony Face Possible Action By EU Data Privacy Regulators [Bloomberg]

Paul Eng


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