Seeking folks age 60 and over with inadequate 401(k)s

Consumer Reports News: June 21, 2013 11:08 AM

For an article on 401(k) retirement plans, Consumer Reports is interested in hearing from people age 60 and over who find their 401(k) balances inadequate. It doesn't matter why. It could be that you started planning late; had jobs without 401(k)s; didn't contribute enough to the 401(k)s you've had over years; took out money from your 401(k) that you haven't been able to repay; got out of the market at the wrong time; got cheated by an unscrupulous adviser, or just didn't have the confidence to invest.

We'd also like to provide help to one respondent, in the form of free advice from a Certified Financial Planner. The planner would review your 401(k) balance and offer advice, including how much you should be saving and where you should allocate what you save. We would need to use your name and photograph in the article. We would not publish the size of your 401(k) balance or other financial information without your permission.

If you've got a good story, please take our survey. A reporter may follow up.

Tobie Stanger


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