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Muscular Honda Valkyrie motorcycle rides again for 2014

Lightweight, sporty Goldwing is a modern cruiser

Published: November 29, 2013 09:00 AM

Cue Wagner: the Honda Valkyrie has been reimagined and is set to take flight. Positioned as a “muscle cruiser,” the original Valkyrie was a big, brash motorcycle launched in the 1990s that had a unique look and feel thanks to using a horizontally-opposed flat-six engine in a decidedly V-twin segment. Now, for 2014, the Valkyrie returns, applying the same formula to a new century.

As before, the new Valkyrie is based around a Goldwing-sourced engine. It shares an 1832cc liquid-cooled six-cylinder engine and five-speed transmission with the latest Goldwing and Goldwing F6B.

The key twist is that the Valkyrie weighs in at 750 lbs., well under the 904-lb. Goldwing and 842-lb. Goldwing F6B, making it certain to deliver the promised muscle experience. Although black-out treatment has become de riguer among big bikes, it feels odd not having a dramatic chromed powerplant. Instead, the visuals focus on the raked design, bold look-at-me colors, LED lighting, and heavy Brahma-bull feel.

Beneath the bodywork is the basic aluminum frame shared with the Goldwings, with a suspension tuned for a sportier experience (and lighter load). It boasts larger disc brakes than the heavier siblings, ensuring more aggressive stopping power. Interestingly, ABS is optional.

Suiting its intended personality, the foot pegs are mounted in a more-forward position befitting a cruiser. The handle bar configuration is unique, as is the instrument cluster. For those who wish for a more distinctive appearance, a variety of Honda accessories will be ready at launch to enable customization.

When it goes on sale in the spring, the price is estimated to be below $18,000, positioning it well beneath the other Goldwings, which start at $20,000.

Jeff Bartlett


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