Should USB drives be used for storing files?

Should USB drives be used for storing files?

Published: July 07, 2014 08:00 AM

Q. In “How to Store Your Digital Photos Safely,” which included information about computer storage on USB flash drives, you mention that those devices are not designed for long-term storage. I have completely replaced my CD backups with backups to USB flash drives, as I assumed that they were OK for long-term storage. I agree that they are easily lost or, with suitable neglect, can be damaged. However, I keep mine in a safe and get only the kind with a protective cover over the USB plug. What is the remaining risk?—John Barber, West Chester, OH

A. The key reasons were pointed out in the article: Because USB flash drives are so small, they are easily lost or damaged—or even stolen—at which point all of your data is gone.

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