Porsche Panamera Road Test

Model Year Summary
The redesigned Panamera features new turbo engines and a high-tech, touch-activated control layout that features a new electronic gear selector. Optional air suspension and advanced safety features are also included. This large, four-door luxury car hides beneath a coupe silhouette and retains its versatile hatchback configuration. The first-generation Panamera delivered performance and agility along with enough room for four adults to ride comfortably. In our tests we found the Panamera enjoyable to drive, with excellent handling and cornering grip. The ride was a bit on the firm side for a luxury car, though.


All cars come with basic warranty coverage, also known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This protects consumers against unexpected problems with non-wear items. Powertrain warranty protects against engine and transmission troubles. Rust through, or corrosion warranty, covers rust to non-damaged components. Roadside aid provides on-location assistance in case of a breakdown and may include limited towing services.

Extended warranties provide peace of mind. Owners of models known to have worse-than-average predicted reliability can mitigate risks with an extended warranty. Generally, we recommend buying a model with better-than-average reliability and skipping this expensive add on. If you do buy an extended warranty, it is key to read the small print to understand what is covered and where you can bring the car for repairs.

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