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The Facts
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Who We Are
  • Our Mission
    Our Mission

    Fighting for a safe marketplace and empowering
    consumers to protect themselves.

    Consumer Reports is a national nonprofit organization with one and only one mission: to take the side of consumers wherever they may need it. We test products, call out unfair business practices, and help consumers navigate complicated services such as insurance, credit cards, and phone and cable companies. We are strictly nonpartisan and we don't take money or ads from industry. You may know us best through our iconic publication, Consumer Reports magazine.

  • Why We're Doing This
    Why We're Doing This

    To help you understand a complicated new law

    The new health law (aka the Affordable Care Act) is the biggest change in the American health care system in more than a generation. We’ve created the Health Law Helper to give consumers accurate and unbiased information about this complex new law and how it affects them.

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