June 2008
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Selling it

Matching gas masks optional

TwoDaLoo is one commodious commode. It's the "first toilet two people can use at the exact same time," says the Web site for the seller, WiseRep.com, and "brings couples closer together." But you'll have to be flush with cash to buy a TwoDaLoo: It costs $1,400, and the company only takes orders of a dozen or more at a time. Concerned about indelicate noises or just want to multitask? An "upgraded version" includes a TV and an iPod docking station.


Just don't share your toothbrush

These devices look identical, and both are said to "trim, taper, and style any length hair like a pro." They're sold in the same catalog, Dr. Leonard's. But the one on the left is said to be for people and costs $12.99; the one on the right is said to be for animals and costs $7.99. We asked a Dr. Leonard's customer-service rep about the difference. "Do you want to know my opinion?" she replied. "In my opinion, there is no difference, so definitely go for the cheaper one." You now have permission to use Trim-A-Pet to groom a two-legged friend.

Barber Magic

Grin and bare it, twice

Prostate exam ad

Next, warnings on necklaces?

A reader who bought a camera neck strap was dumbfounded by the first precaution. "For crying out loud," he said. "It's a neck strap!"

Neck strap warning

A Black Hole Award...

Goes to Palmer's Too Tall Bunny, which, a Michigan reader documented, is not at all too tall for its false-bottomed box.

Palmer's Too Tall Bunny

Red head?

You use Create A Commie magic hair wand to add Lenin's goatee, say, to a hairless face. It's even made in China. But we're hoping to see Create A Capitalist. We can't wait to try a Donald Trump hair wand.