Selling it

Last reviewed: January 2009

Asterisk alert

That’s a little like promising a car and delivering a tire, a tailpipe, and about 2.3 zillion other parts.

Log home ad

The claim game

Nonstick? Not eggs-actly. The cups, which would seem to need coating the most, are made of plastic. (The directions suggest that you brush them with oil.)

Farberware egg poacher ad

More like 12-hour protection

If you were hoping to gargle once daily and be done with it, the label indicates otherwise.

Ad on listerine bottle

Picture perfect

Make that the body of a really scary 30-year-old.

Ad with a claim of an unenhanced photo

Find the face

Behold the Veronica Lake Wall Clock, sold by Cafe Press. If the actress still has fans out there—her heyday was in the 1940s—they might be distressed to see the clock’s hands emerging from her nose.

Veronica Lake clock

Ow! Ahh!

How convenient. If you’re KO’d by karate, just hobble next door.

Two businesses next to each other, a martial arts studio and a chiropractor

Reduced indeed

This jar not only lost weight (from 18 ounces to 16.3) but also gained an indentation. That made it harder for a frugal reader to scoop out every last bit of butter.

Jar of Skippy peanut butter

Orange you confused?

The package is colored orange, it says "orange" and "juice bars," and it’s made by a famous orange juice company. But the only juice listed in the ingredients is … apple.

Minute Maid Juice Bar, that is flavored apple juice
Posted: December 2008 — Consumer Reports Magazine issue: January 2009