Technical Service Bulletins
Below, we highlight several key 'hidden' protections you may not be aware of, discovered through service campaigns and technical service bulletins. TSBs highlight common potential problems with models and provide corrective measures to dealerships. The items flagged below are of particular note, indicating a potential risk, and a potential correction, should you experience the specific issue. In some cases, an extended warranty may offer additional protection for a particular at-risk component.

Volkswagen Touareg

REDESIGN YEARS 2004 • 2011


There are four recalls and warranty extensions/service campaigns of note:

2007-09 models were recalled to reinforce a cracking roof spoiler (66d6).

2007-09 DSG models had the warranty extended to 10-yrs/100,000 miles and a service campaign to replace the mechatronic unit for transmission failure (37E6).

2009-12 3.0-liter TDI models have a service campaign to install a new differential pressure sensor for an emissions issue (23M1).

Service bulletins

2004-09 models may need a repair kit if the self-leveling suspension is inoperative (2027472).

2004-10 models may need an updated vent flap if there’s a ticking noise behind the dash panel (2014813), and a corroded connector located on the driver’s side floor could cause the shifter lever to say in park or prevent the car from starting (2020310).

2007-08 models might need a revised servotronic control unit if there’s insufficient steering assistance after the engine starts (2018302).

2008-09 3.6-liters might need an updated voltage regulator if there’s intermittent voltage drops or loss of battery power (2020793).

2011-12 3.6-liters might need updated software for rough idle during cold starts (2027780).