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I don’t remember my username/password! What do I do?

If you don’t remember your username or password, don’t panic! You can retrieve your username here, and reset your password here. You’ll receive an e-mail from us during the retrieval/reset process, so if you don’t remember the e-mail associated with your account, or if you no longer have access to it, please call us at 1-800-333-0663. Our Customer Care agents are available Monday through Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST, and Saturday 9:30am - 6:00pm EST.

Note: We recently began converting eligible subscribers away from their chosen usernames. Instead, these subscribers can sign in with their e-mail address as their username. You’d know if you were converted, because you would have had to confirm the conversion during a recent login. You also would have received an e-mail from us documenting the conversion. (Disregard this Note if you joined us after November 2015 - your Username is already your e-mail address.)


We never want to lose you as a customer, but we know it happens: you need to end your service.


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If you’d like to turn off your digital subscription automatic renewal terms, please access your account. If you click the Cancel Subscription link at the bottom the section titled “Consumer Reports Digital”, you will be given the option to keep your access only to the end of your paid term.


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Is Free for Magazine Subscribers?

Our magazine and our website are separate subscriptions. While your (other) favorite magazines may provide free access to their websites, they also probably accept advertising to subsidize that benefit. In order to maintain our independence, we refuse to accept advertising. We also recognize that not all of our magazine subscribers are necessarily interested in web access, and many web subscribers do not want to receive our magazine. A la carte pricing allows our customers to subscribe to what they want without having to pay for features they may not be interested in.

How to contact us

We’d love to hear from you! To make it easy for you we have a few different ways for you to contact us.

E-mail: To e-mail us, please use our e-mail webform.

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You can begin a subscription to Consumer Reports magazine or to On Health.

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We know it happens sometimes - the new issue of Consumer Reports you’ve been waiting for all month finally arrives, and it looks like it’s been run over. Or it’s missing pages. Or maybe it just never arrives. Don’t worry, we can help!

After accessing your account, you will see a menu of Service Options (image below). Clicking “Report Damaged/Missing Issue” will allow you to choose the issue you missed, so we can get a replacement out to you.

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Once you’ve accessed your account, you’ll be able to do things like change your address, change your email address, buy a gift subscription, change your communication preferences, report a missing or damaged issue, and suspend your service. You’ll also be able to renew your subscription if your expiration date is in the near future.

When did you last test/report on a particular product/topic?

You’ll find a publication/update date on many of our articles, reports, and guides on However, these dates do not correspond to Consumer Reports magazine issue dates. For magazine publication dates, you’ll find a 12-month index in the back of most issues. You’ll also find a 5-year compilation of these indexes in the Customer Care section of

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Magazine/newsletter subscribers have an account number that they may need to access and make changes to their account online. The image below will help you find your account number on your mailing label. If you don’t have any recent issues handy, please contact us - you should find our phone number and access to our email form at the top of this page.

Do I Have an Active Subscription?

Depending on what you subscribe to, there are different ways of determining the status of your subscription. subscribers can access My Account to view summary of their subscription. Magazine/newsletter subscribers can do this as well, but they can also see their expiration date on their mailing label.

If you need help accessing My Account or have concerns about the status of your subscription, please contact an agent.

Why did I receive two of the same issue?

If you received duplicate copies of an issue, it’s possible that you have two active subscriptions with us. It’s also possible that we just printed your label twice by mistake. Comparing the account numbers on your mailing labels should solve the mystery: if the account numbers are the same, it was likely a one-off printing mistake. If the account numbers are different, you have two accounts.

We can combine your duplicate accounts into one, we just need you to notify us of the situation. You can report duplicate issues in My Account, or by contacting us via your preferred method.

How do I suggest an article/report?

You can use any of our contact methods to suggest a product to test or a subject to write about. We love getting suggestions, as well as hearing your experiences as a consumer. Everything we receive is reviewed and made available to our Editorial staff.

Did you receive my payment?

The best place to confirm your latest renewal payment is in My Account. If you don’t see your payment, you may want to double check whether we charged you or cashed your check. If you’ve been charged or your check has been cashed, please contact us so an agent can investigate further.

I'm suspicious of a renewal mailing I received. How can I tell if it is legitimate?

December 2016: Readers should be on guard against offers of new Consumer Reports subscriptions or renewals from companies that are not authorized to offer subscriptions on our behalf.  The ones we're aware of include Secured Publisher Mail Center (SPMC), Atlantic Publishers Group, LLC (APG), Pacific Magazine Billing (PMB), Publishers Distribution Services, and Publishers Billing Exchange, and there may be others, as well.

Consumer Reports is taking action to address this problem.  Meanwhile, how can you spot those unauthorized companies?  For starters, an unauthorized mailing may include subscription options for both new subscribers and renewals, or not specify the subscription's expiration date.

If you want to be sure that a subscription or renewal mailing came from us directly:

  • CR addresses your subscription status in its mailings by always providing your expiration date on our notices (and it will match the date on your magazine label).
  • CR renewal payments require you to make your check payable to Consumer Reports.
  • CR renewal orders are mailed to our Harlan, Iowa or Markham, Ontario addresses.
  • CR does not charge cancellation fees.

Questions about

What is

Porch helps you find the right home improvement professionals and manage your home projects online.

Why did you partner with Porch?

Consumer Reports helps you make the right decision for every purchase; now we’re connecting you with qualified pros to make every home improvement project easy. We researched home professional networks and spent time with the Porch team. They share our value to put consumers first. Porch connects you with a wide variety of local home professionals to help with maintenance or remodeling projects—including their “Porch Guaranteed Pros” who have been vetted and are licensed and background checked.

Will share consumer info with anyone else except for the specific “contractor”?

No. Porch will only share consumer information with the contractors that receive the project requests, and Consumer Reports.

Will contractors share my information?

No. Contractors must abide by Porch Terms of Use outlined HERE

If I no longer want to be contacted by the contractor, how do I request removal?

Within the “My Projects” portal on, you can opt out of receiving messages or phone calls from individual contractors or cancel the project as a whole.

How do I stop receiving emails from

You can opt out clicking the “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of emails.

Is Consumer Reports being paid by Porch?

Consumer Reports collects fees from Porch for referring users. We use 100% of these fees to support our mission.

Does Consumer Reports endorse Porch? 

Consumer Reports collects a fee from Porch for referring users. Consumer Reports applies these fees to support our mission. Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with any contractor.

What if I’ve had a bad experience with a contractor?

Please share your review on the professional’s profile. The Porch Assistant team can provide guidance to resolve quality of work or incomplete projects. They can be reached directly at 1 855-258-1948 Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm PT or email them at

How do I contact Consumer Reports?

If you’d like to send us an email, click here or you can call us at 1-800-333-0663 Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm EST or Saturday, 9:30am to 6:00pm EST.

Porch Privacy Policy:
Porch FAQ: Click here