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August 2009
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French-fry face-off

Our recent tests confirmed that fries from Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s are now trans-fat free, and there’s more good news if you’re a fan: They taste about the same as they used to. Two of our taste-testers tried fries at three outlets of each chain. Results include average prices we paid for a medium order. (Note that “medium” differs from chain to chain.)


In order of sensory quality
Product Price Size (oz.) Calories Total fat (g) Comments
Very good
Wendy’s $1.82 5.0 420 20
Big potato flavor; light, crispy surface; soft inside. A little more browning would make them even better.
McDonald’s 1.72 4.1 380 19
Very flavorful, with crispy texture, but could be more potato-y.
Burger King 2.09 5.6 480 23
Decent, but coating detracts from the quality and makes texture a little tough, not crispy. Taste more of oil than potato.

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