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Laptop Reliability: Can You Count On Your Computer?

We found out which product lines are the most reliable, and which laptop brands require repairs soonest

Apple laptops are the most reliable brand out there, and by quite a margin, according to our latest survey of 58,000 subscribers who purchased laptops between 2010 and 2015.

But this year’s survey doesn't stop at the brand name—we also can see which product lines are more likely to require repairs. Not surprisingly, considering Apple's overall showing, two Apple product lines came out on top. Apple's MacBook Air has just a 7 percent estimated failure rate, while the MacBook Pro is almost as dependable with a 9 percent failure rate.

At the top of the list for Windows product lines are: Gateway’s NV (13 percent) and LT (14 percent); the Samsung ATIV Book (14 percent); Lenovo ThinkPads (15 percent); and the Dell XPS line (15 percent).

Reliability isn't necessarily related to how much money you spend on a laptop. HP’s premium ENVY line is near the bottom, with a 20 percent failure rate, while the company's less-costly Pavilion line fares better, at 16 percent.

Lenovo's Y Series has the highest failure rate at 23 percent.

Our survey also showed us, by brand, the proportion of laptops that fail in the first, second, and third years of ownership. The chart below breaks it down for you.

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