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Milwaukee 2401-22 cordless drill

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Price $100.00

This 12-volt Milwaukee in the cordless screwdrivers category has a 1/4-inch chuck and one speed range with 15 clutch settings. It is sold with 2 Li-ion batteries with a charge indicator light. It has a 5 year/2 warranty.

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Speed: Speed of drilling and driving screws.

Power: Denotes the twisting force for tightening and loosening.

Run time: Reflects how much work the drill can perform per battery charge, as measured on a dynamometer.

Handling: Denotes the ease of handling and controling the drill during operation.

Noise: The dBa level at ear level, indicating whether or not ear protection should be used during prolonged operation.


Battery type Battery type The type of batteries provided with the drill. All are rechargeable. The more common type is denoted NiCd, for its nickel-cadmium components. Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries boast added energy for their weight. Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries are the latest type and deliver even more power in a smaller size. Lithium-ion and NiMH batteries can be disposed of with regular refuse; NiCd must be recycled.
Battery recharge time (min.) Battery recharge time How long it takes to completely recharge a battery after it has properly cooled down. Most of the fast chargers have a built-in temperature sensor that delays the charging cycle, when the battery is too hot from recent heavy use, to when the battery has cooled.
Speed ranges Speed ranges Many cordless drills have two separate speed ranges, or gear ratios; some newer models have three. The slower speed range peaks at about 400 revolutions per minute (rpm) and provides increased torque (twisting force) for driving large screws. A higher speed range that reaches about 1,500 rpm or more is well suited for rapid drilling. Lower-priced drills usually have a single speed range that tops out at approximately 600 to 800 rpm, compromising both driving and drilling performance.
Chuck capacity Chuck capacity Indicates the largest size full-shank tool (twist drill bits on power drills) that a drill's chuck can hold. The most common size is .375 inch (3/8 inch), but some drills can handle bits with shanks up to .5 inch (1/2 inch).
Maximum RPM Maximum RPM Two and three-speed cordless drills have a maximum speed of about 1,500 revolutions per minute (rpm) or more and can easily handle rapid drilling. Many lower-priced, single-speed cordless drills can manage only about 600 to 800 rpm, compromising their performance.
Clutch settings Clutch settings Virtually all cordless drills have settings that can limit maximum torque and so prevent the drill from driving a screw too far into soft wallboard, say, or mangling a screw's head or threads by continuing to turn after the screw is in. The more settings, the more precise the torque control.
Number of batteries included Number of batteries included A second battery lets you keep working while the first recharges, so that your work can continue. Most drills over $80 include two batteries.
Hammer mode Hammer mode An additional selectable feature that pulses the chuck and drill bit back and forth to assist in drilling through masonry and similar hard materials.
LED work light LED work light A small light, located on the body of the drill, to help in low-light job conditions.
Warranty Warranty The length of the coverage, in years.
5 year/2

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