Savvy shoppers know to look for big discounts on large appliances on three-day holiday weekends, in November, and even right after the year-end holidays. But you can't always time your purchase—when an appliance breaks and it doesn't make sense to have it repaired, you'll find yourself standing in the appliance aisle. Here's how to save money any time of the year. 

1. Manufacturer offers and rebates. Scour the websites of manufacturers and retailers for special offers, rebates, and discounts on overstocked items, then check our ratings on those appliances. The offers typically apply to specific models purchased within certain time frames, and if there’s a rebate, you’ll need to mail it in or submit it online by the deadline that’s spelled out. Keep digging. Lowe's, for example, offers a 10 percent military discount to those who have served or are currently serving in the military. 

2. Price matches. Compare price-match policies of your favorite retailers. Although only about 3 in 10 Americans say they have requested a discount to match the price at another store (based on a 2017 CR survey of 1,033 respondents), this is a great way to get a better deal. Best Buy, for example, matches the prices of local competition and major online retailers, such as Amazon. Home Depot matches the competitor’s price for online purchases. For in-store buys, Home Depot will beat the competitor’s price by 10 percent.

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3. Utility rebates. Search for rebates on Energy Star appliances at, and on the website of your utility company. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, most utility appliance programs rebate the purchase of Energy Star certified products. Clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, and water heaters are among the eligible appliances.

4. Haggling. "It definitely pays to negotiate," says Martin Lachter, a research associate in Consumer Reports' Survey Group. "Most customers shopping for a major appliance don't haggle over the price, but 70 percent of those who do are successful, saving a median of $98 on their purchase. We even find that online shoppers in the market for a major appliance can save money if they're willing to haggle."

But keep in mind that not every appliance on sale is a good deal. So check our appliance ratings to see how a model performed in our tests, and to find out more about a brand's reliability, based on our reader surveys.