Sears freed up floor space in more than 200 stores last year to focus on connected-home products. Now, months after hiring Linksys veteran Tom Park as president of the legacy brand names Kenmore, Craftsman, and DieHard, Sears has announced a handful of smart products with more to come later this year. All work with apps available for both iPhone or Android, and require a home Wi-Fi network for remote connectivity. Here's a look at the latest introductions.

Kenmore Elite Smart Room Air Conditioner

The idea of a window air conditioner you can switch on from your smartphone on the way home isn’t new, but Sears hasn’t offered one until now. The Kenmore Elite Smart Room Air Conditioner 77082, $300, is an Energy Star-qualified, 8,000-btu unit that fits windows 23 to 36 inches wide with an opening 14 inches high. Using the Kenmore AC app, you can turn the unit on or off remotely, adjust the temperature, and set up schedules. The model and the app are available now.

Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener

Got hard water? Kenmore is shipping a whole-home water softener next month that monitors salt levels (necessary for softening) and tracks water usage. The Kenmore Smart app (available later this year) keeps you apprised of the unit’s readings. The Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener 38620 will sell for $800. 

Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module

One concern with water heaters is that the tank can rupture, flooding your basement or wherever the heater is installed. Flood sensors are already available that notify you if they sense a spill, but an adapter now available from Sears, the Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module, $70, sits at the water pan and alerts you via the Kenmore Smart app if you have a leak. A temperature setting on the app also lets you adjust water temperature up or down, which you won’t get from a flood detector.

Seven new water heaters from Kenmore, ranging from the 40-gallon electric Kenmore 58940, $550, to the 80-gallon hybrid heat-pump 59280, $1,700, will have the smart functionality and connectivity to the app. All the water heaters should be available next month. 

Part of Sears' smart home line, the Craftsman 20400 connects to the Craftsman Smart Tractor app
The 42-inch Craftsman 20400, $2,800, will link to the Craftsman Smart Tractor app.

Craftsman Wireless-Enabled Zero-Turn-Radius Riders

All new Craftsman lawn tractors will include a module built into the ignition that runs diagnostics on your tractor such as running hours and oil level, and notifies you via Bluetooth when the machine needs an air-filter replacement, blade check, or other maintenance. The Craftsman Smart Tractor app also receives weather data and lets you order supplies, view tutorial videos, and schedule maintenance in a manner similar to the CubConnect app announced last spring for certain Cub Cadet tractors and riders.

Craftsman tractors and riders as old as five years can be retrofitted via a $50 kit, but two zero-turn-radius riders, the 42-inch Craftsman 20400, $2,800, and the 50-inch Craftsman 20410, $3,200, are already wireless-enabled. Both come with a steering wheel rather than lap bars, an innovation first seen on Cub Cadet riders. By the end of May, Sears told us, all new Craftsman tractors and riders will come ready to communicate with the app, which will be available later this year.

DieHard Smart Charger

The DieHard Smart Charger and Maintainer DH111, $100, lets you monitor the batteries of a car, motorcycle, or boat remotely using the DieHard Smart Charger app, which will be available later this year. You can use the charger for 6- or 12-volt batteries, and a scrolling display guides you through the charging process. (Check our reviews of jump starters for your car.)