How to Find Bedding Sales Online

Save money on your next set of pillows or sheets with these simple tips from Consumer Reports

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Don’t assume that you won’t have a chance to snag a discount on sheets and pillows if you missed all the white sales on bedding.

“You can find bedding sales throughout the year, sometimes with heavier discounts than you’d see during the January white sales,” says Marion Wilson-Spencer, Consumer Reports’ market analyst who researches pillows.

Shopping online can present lots of opportunities to save. Below are our top five tips for getting bedding deals online.

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In our pillow lab, we analyze roughly 1,600 pressure points to assess how well a pillow supports your head, among other tests. We run each sheet through a year’s worth of washes (25, to be exact) in our test for shrinkage and fit.

Read on for advice on how to save when you shop online, plus a peek at the top sheets and pillows from Consumer Reports’ tests.

1. Look for Bundle Discounts

Some manufacturers offer value bundles or a bulk discount, including Coop Home Goods and MyPillow, which make pillows that are highly rated by Consumer Reports. Coop Home Goods offers 15 percent off when you buy two pillows, a mattress protector, and a pillow protector set (set comes with two), as a bundle. MyPillow will often offer buy-one-get-one-free deals or discount a bundle of two. If you buy a complete set of Brooklinen sheets, you get 25 percent off. To find similar deals, search for the brand you’re interested in and add the word “bundles.”

2. Shop During Public Holidays, Like Memorial Day

Electronics, gadgets, and kitchen appliances get a ton of hype during sales over major holiday weekends, and sheets and pillows often see markdowns, too. Don’t check only pillow and sheets retailers, though. Mattress retailers and many stores, such as Kohl’s, Target, and L.L.Bean, run sales during these holidays and will often extend discounts to pillows and sheets they carry.

3. No Current Sales? Sign Up for the Company’s Newsletter.

Want an instant discount? Go on the retailer’s or manufacturer’s website and sign up to receive email newsletters.

In return, you’ll probably get an email with a discount code, usually worth 10 to 20 percent off, that you can use immediately. Typically, you can use one only code at a time, though; you’ll also receive future sales alerts.

And sign up with multiple retailers of the product you want. For instance, we received a 10 percent coupon from Target for Casper pillows that were not available directly from Casper (though we did receive an email from Casper for 50 percent off its Supima sheets, which CR tested).

One more thing: Some retailers, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, have coupons and sales that are sent only to mobile numbers. So consider signing up with your number, too. When we signed up with Bed Bath & Beyond, we immediately got a coupon for 20 percent off a single item.

4. Did You Forget Something?

Another money-saving tactic to try: After signing up for the newsletter and adding bedding items to the cart, take a U-turn by closing the browser tab. This move often prompts an automated marketing system to send you an email—or even a text message—with a discount code to nudge you closer to a purchase.

For example, we put sheets in our cart at online mattress retailers GhostBed and WinkBeds, closed our browser, and got emails with discount codes for 30 and 25 percent off our purchase, respectively. When we did the same thing on Target’s website, we received an email for $10 off the total price for an in-store pickup order.

5. If You’re Buying a Mattress, Ask About Freebies

If you’re in the market for a mattress, ask whether the seller will throw in free sheets, pillows, or protectors. (Mattress manufacturer Purple offers sleep masks.) You can ask via email, phone, or chat, but it’s prudent to prepare a rough script. Know which bedding item you’re interested in and be open about the fact that you’d like a deal. Have an idea of the percentage off you’d like, though you’ll want to make it reasonable in order to increase your chance of success—say, 10 to 20 percent. If a competitor carries the same product for less or offers a similar discount, ask whether the company will match the deal.

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Editor's Note: Information about the Coop Home Goods bundle deal has been updated to reflect the current offer.

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