10 Most Reliable Cars

Consumer Reports' massive annual surveys reveal the models that shine for reliability

Toyota Prius Prime Photo: Toyota

Purchasing a car is a long-term investment, with the expectation that it will provide dependable transportation for the long haul. But as Consumer Reports’ latest auto surveys show, not all cars can fulfill that promise.

Based on our latest Auto Surveys, these models are the 10 most reliable cars today. We predict that they will give owners fewer problems than their competitors based on data collected on about 320,000 vehicles. (For more details, check out our Guide to Car Reliability.)

More on Car Reliability

Our surveys take a deep dive into the numerous things that can go wrong with a vehicle.

We study 17 trouble areas, from nuisances—such as squeaky brakes and broken interior trim—to major bummers, like out-of-warranty transmission repairs or trouble with four-wheel-drive systems. We weigh the severity of each type of problem to create a predicted reliability score for each vehicle, from 1 to 100. (That score is then combined with data collected from our track testing, as well as our owner satisfaction survey results and safety data, to calculate each test vehicle’s Overall Score.) To be considered for this list, we must have at least two model years of data in calculating the predicted reliability score.

Based on that analysis, these models are the most reliable.

They are presented in rank order, starting with the most reliable.

For more details on the models’ reliability predictions and history, click through to their respective model pages.

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