Best Cars for Traveling Salespeople

Good picks for those who have to drive to meet their clients

A traveling salesperson using her phone in a car.

Even as more of the world meets electronically, there are still those salespeople who need to be out and about, and be seen as they do it. We’re thinking real estate agents, financial planners, contractors, insurance adjustors—really, anyone who might drop by someone’s house for a discussion or who might carry a client in his or her car.

Automobiles are especially important for real estate agents. “Car expense is the largest expense real estate agents have,” says Quintin Simmons, a spokesman for the National Association of Realtors.

And those agents may have different impressions that they’re hoping to make with their choice of car, Simmons says—and they don’t walk in lockstep. “Decisions real estate agents make regarding their personal and professional image, like all things in real estate, depend on local markets and personal preferences,” he says. Some may want to signal that they're frugal by driving an economical car, and others may want their car to show off their success.

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Because of that, we’ve compiled lists of suggested cars, SUVs, and luxury vehicles based on certain criteria: All of these had to have earned a CR recommendation, meaning that they have a high Overall Score in their category; they must have good front-seat access, comfortable front seats, easy-to-use controls, a comfortable ride, and a quiet cabin; and they get decent fuel economy.

They also need to have standard Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to reduce the driver’s need to mess around with his phone, because he will be getting and making countless calls while he's on the road.

Each vehicle has a score that reflects how well it does based on our traveling salespeople criteria.

Here are the top five selections in each group. 

Best Cars for Traveling Salespeople