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Top & Bottom-Scoring Cars in Consumer Reports' Road Tests

See which vehicles are at the top and bottom, based on test performance

Top Scoring Cars in CR Road Tests - BMW 7

The best cars shine in our road tests, as well as with reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety, earning an impressive Overall Score. The journey to that score begins with a car being purchased for testing.

Road-test scores are based on more than 50 individual Consumer Reports tests and evaluations, and they are presented on a 100-point scale.

Our list highlights the top-scoring vehicles in our road tests, and it also highlights those at the bottom of the pack. They are presented here in rank order, starting with the highest-ranked model. CR members will also be able to see the Overall Score, reliability, and owner satisfaction ratings.

You can create your own custom lists based on the factors you find most interesting by using our interactive car ratings tool.

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BMW 750i xDrive: 99 Points