The RDX doesn't push the envelope in styling, handling or interior quality, but it's benign, comfortable, and easy to live with. One high point is its smooth, powerful V6, which, combined with its six-speed automatic transmission, manages a very respectable 22 mpg overall. Handling is sound but not especially agile and the ride is a little stiff.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"LED lights- great view at night"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Acura RDX)

"car handles very well on highway. Corners well and is very stable. Adaptive cruse control makes driving very easy."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Acura RDX)

"Powerful. I love AWD in winter"

Anonymous, MB (2016 Acura RDX)

"Acceleration, particularly in the S mode is a joy, which can help you get out of a pinch if required"

LYLE M., AB (2016 Acura RDX)

"Has radar and other warning systems which are very useful and helpful. Sensors front and rear are great for parking as well as rear dynamic camera."

Anonymous, RI (2016 Acura RDX)

"Excellent acceleration, good gas mileage. Superb handling and comfort."

CRAIG D., TX (2016 Acura RDX)

"Although using recommended gasoline, sometime hesitates when stepping on the gas."

JOHN B., TX (2016 Acura RDX)

"The mating of the 6 cylinder with the 6 speed transmission is perfect. The car has terrific power and responsiveness. It handles really well. Front seats are excellent. Long drives are a breeze and comfortable. I'm the RDX enjoying much more than my recent Audi cars."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Acura RDX)

"V6 engine is very responsive and cylinder management aids gas mileage. Speed sensitive power steering and overall handing is better than previous Lexus"

Anonymous, UT (2016 Acura RDX)

"Handles wonderfully. Takes corners nicely, handled really well in the snow."

DAVE S., CT (2016 Acura RDX)

"Drives well. Good feel to it and good acceleration"

RONALD T., CA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Smooth running engine, plenty of power when needed. Handling is excellent - fun to drive"

Anonymous, PA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Comfort, safety features, acceleration & handling"

JOHN E., VA (2016 Acura RDX)

"The RDX has great acceleration and power. The handling could be a little more tight even though I never have experienced any issues."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Acura RDX)

"After owning many Acura products, the 2016 RDX is the best."

Anonymous, NC (2016 Acura RDX)

"The handling is a little stiff, not good or bad just stiff, like its riding on rails and takes a little effort to make it turn."

CHARLES K., CA (2016 Acura RDX)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats are extremely comfortable. Lots of leg room today."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Prior to purchase we tried all small SUV's including the top luxury models. NONE offered the space and comfort in the front seats that the RDX offered. After one year, I am still totally satisfied with this factor."

ROLAND T., NC (2016 Acura RDX)

"Very comfy & quiet. Road noise is nonexistent."

DAVE S., CT (2016 Acura RDX)

"the leather seats are very comfortable and it is a pretty quite car to drive"

ANDREW H., NY (2016 Acura RDX)

"Driver seat is comfortable, but passenger seats does not have enough controls to fit the seat to your body. Climate control is inadequate as it takes a long time to cool the car down when it is hot. Feel that it is a weak air conditioning system."

Anonymous, DE (2016 Acura RDX)

"Front seats seem too firm. Door arm rest is too low--note I am 5'7'' and have the seat as high as possible. I expected better gas mileage and I use "ECO" and try to hyperbole when I drive."

Anonymous, NE (2016 Acura RDX)

"Very quiet."

ROGER W., FL (2016 Acura RDX)

"The A/C unit is very ergonomic. It is a pleasant experience of using it. Only wish it could have a knob control for the fan speed too."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Acura RDX)

"The cool down time for the AC could be better."

MARIA M., KY (2016 Acura RDX)

"hard seats with limited thigh support"

CHARLES P., PA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Excellent climate control system. Cools quickly adjusts acurately"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Acura RDX)

"The drivers seat is a bit hard, would like to re-design it."


"Road noise is less in our 2016 RDX than it is in our 2017 RDX."

Anonymous, MO (2016 Acura RDX)

"Seats, driving position and ride are the best I've ever experienced"

GEORGE H., OH (2016 Acura RDX)

"I find the ride to be a bit stiff. Road bumps are too noticeable."

Anonymous, CT (2016 Acura RDX)

"Of all my prior new vehicles with "climate control", this is the first to actually perform to expectations."

Anonymous, MN (2016 Acura RDX)

"Very comfortable ride,"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Acura RDX)

"Would like to feel a bit less road vibration."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Acura RDX)

"The drivers\ seat causes my back to ache a little after a long trip"

RICHARD G., VA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Navigation inaccurate. when set for driver #2--Goes back to driver # 1 every time engine is turned off. Car is noisey."

EMIL K., FL (2016 Acura RDX)

"The seats are very comfortable,particularly on long trips, I do wish the air cooling in the seats were much more forcefull. The ride is responsive and equally good on both pavement and gravel roads."

LYLE M., AB (2016 Acura RDX)

"Front passenger seat is low and cannot be adjusted. Otherwise, seats are comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Comfortable ride,"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Acura RDX)

"When I first picked up car the rear shocks were bad causing an unsafe driving experience"

GUY L., NY (2016 Acura RDX)

"ventilated cooled seat ! quiet enough to be pleasant good ride, no float, so far my experience with handling okay."

Anonymous, BC (2016 Acura RDX)

"I don't think the suspension is as good as the 2013 RDX I owned before this one. The vehicle doesn't ride as smoothly as it should. The 2017 has apparently fixed that by being able to eliminate the sport ride"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Acura RDX)

"The RDX has extremely comfortable seats and rides quietly making it a great vehicle for longer trips."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Acura RDX)

"The ride is a little harsher than I'd like."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Acura RDX)

"The seats are very comfortable and it's quiet when driving."

STEPHEN L., ON (2016 Acura RDX)


S R., MA (2016 Acura RDX)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Not great handling in the snow, noisy ride and somewhat choppy, controls somewhat confusing and not great sound from sound system. Comparing to my 2004 MDX was a much better car"

JOHN M., NV (2016 Acura RDX)

"Researched mid-size SUVs, with preference being a luxury brand. RDX was the best value for what you get for the price; to include styling, safety features and ratings, ergonomics, and ride."

Anonymous, HI (2016 Acura RDX)

"It has the most standard features compared to other compact premium SUVs."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Acura RDX)

"After discontinuing the product of the Ridgeline in 2014, Honda redesigned the 2017 with all of the shortcomings eliminated. I love every inch of the vehicle."

GEORGE B., VA (2016 Acura RDX)

"We have owned numerous upscale vehicles over the years, including several BMW, Lincoln and Lexus vehicles, and the RDX is as generally competent and comfortable as any of them, but at a significant reduction in purchase price."

MARK M., NC (2016 Acura RDX)

"Considering the price and the inclusion of options I thought this was a very good value compared to other high end SUVs"

DANIEL S., NY (2016 Acura RDX)

"I like it but I wish I would have bought the MDX as the RDX has less cargo room than the Honda CR-V I traded in . Of course the mileage would not be as good on an MDX. That was one of the factors that was very important to me."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Acura RDX)

"good aceleration very good gages and overall ease of nav syst and all controls good seat confort"

M W., CA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Very comfortable, even on 400 miles or more a day"

L P., NJ (2016 Acura RDX)

"With all the accessories and equipment, It's about four to five thousands less than other competitive cars in the same category."

STEPHEN L., ON (2016 Acura RDX)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"the updated styling - wheels, rear trim details, nose design - really make this one stand out"

FRED W., FL (2016 Acura RDX)

"The interior is not up to old Acura standards. The 2016 RDX used too much plastic wood-grain instead of real wood (optional) and leatherette seats and doors instead of leather."

THOMAS B., OK (2016 Acura RDX)

"Looks sharp"

JANE V., MO (2016 Acura RDX)

"The size is perfect for me."

LAUZON R., ON (2016 Acura RDX)

"Looks great, Love the Headlights"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Acura RDX)

"LED Jewel Headlights add to front end styling. Body lies are distinctive."

Anonymous, UT (2016 Acura RDX)

"Front grille styling could improve"

Anonymous, NB (2016 Acura RDX)

"Interior needs to be a grade more luxurious"

SAM S., MA (2016 Acura RDX)

"Nice looking vehicle. I have had a person ask me how I like the vehicle."

S F., WA (2016 Acura RDX)

Would you buy this car again?

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