2005 Acura TL Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
The Acura TL provides an excellent blend of comfort, convenience, and sportiness. With taut and and agile handling, it is also among the quickest and most fuel-efficient offerings in its class. We also liked the impressive interior, comfortable ride and quiet cabin.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"12 years old and still drives like new. Negative is that it is built too low to the ground."

Jeff P., NY (2005 Acura TL)

"very strong acceleration, good handling, like the manual transmission"

John H., PA (2005 Acura TL)

"Amazing how this car can still put to shame newer vehicles in this class. Its smooth, refined and sporty. The seats are very supportive with the side bolsters to hold you in place when turning quickly. Most of all its EXTREMELY reliable...have had it for over 10 years and 0 mechanical issurs."

Mark O., ON (2005 Acura TL)

"Powerful acceleration; smooth shifting; quiet."

Lorra H., ON (2005 Acura TL)

"Very fast. Always happy with acceleration. Can take turns well."

John P., CT (2005 Acura TL)

"Handles well and accelerates well, but chews through tires very quickly. With full wheel alignment, the tires last longer, but still nowhere near the tire life of my other vehicles."

Ron D., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Acceleration is great, handles well almost everywhere. Steering can be a little tight but overall a great ride."

William J., IA (2005 Acura TL)

"Although the V6 engine is somewhat small, it works so well with the auto transmission that performance and smoothness are excellent."

J K., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Performance nice. Seat cushion comfort hard and somewhat uncomfortable. That is the only real let down on an otherwise fun and reliable car to drive. One would not thing a car of this design would provide such refined performance. One thing though is the V6 motor is peppy and fun but has always idled a little irregular. Not silky smooth as other engines. But I did not complain as the engine is a fun engine to drive."

Gerard L., WA (2005 Acura TL)

"For its generation, excellent handling and road manners. Easy to drive on 3000 mile road trips, fun to drive on mountain roads."

Craig A., CA (2005 Acura TL)

"I am not a speeder, but I have great confidence that I can get out of a dicey situation if needed."

Robert R., TN (2005 Acura TL)

"The 2005 Acura TL handles, drives, and accelerates really well. Love the V-6 with VVT. It is a great road car for us."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Acura TL)

"Drives and handles like a dream!"

C G., WI (2005 Acura TL)

"Even after 10+ years of ownership, this car is still a joy to drive. Eager engine, fun to shift manual transmission, and handling that is fun enough while not being punishing on bad roads."

Michael C., MO (2005 Acura TL)

"Very quick car, smooth at high speeds, corners and handles all I care to try"

Greg T., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Very good combination of quickness , economy and A hint of luxury helps as well. Overall engaging car to drive"

Jerry H., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"good acceleration"

Anonymous, BC (2005 Acura TL)

"Acceleration and brakes are top notch. A little harsh on the rotten Wisconsin roads in the winter though."

Anonymous, WI (2005 Acura TL)

"Six cylinder engine has excellent passing acceleration and trans downshift. Better mileage for a six running on reg fuel with 10% ethanol."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Acura TL)

"Has tremendous acceleration on highway when needed. Steering is quick and accurate; no oversteer."

Laurence J., CA (2005 Acura TL)

"With the 6-cylinders, I am confident my Acura has the power to climb up mountain roads, also to avoid traffic situations when I need to. The manual shift gives me good control of the car when descending the mountain roads."

Jean Marie K., CO (2005 Acura TL)

"Very good acceleration and responsiveness."

Lorra H., ON (2005 Acura TL)

"Decent acceleration and steering"

Anonymous, AB (2005 Acura TL)

"At 13 years old with 189000 miles, it shows some signs of wear and tear externally and internally but it still drives great under most road conditions (except for ice). I had to replace the clutch last year but otherwise, routine maintenance has kept it in shape and reliable."

Karen D., MO (2005 Acura TL)

"Wonderful acceleration and handling for everyday driving"

Anonymous, PA (2005 Acura TL)

"Acceleration and handling are extremely good for a four door sedan and most of the time, it does not have the handling issues normally associated with a front wheel drive auto such as plowing or torque steer. When pushed, it takes on the feel or balance of a rear wheel drive sedan."

Gerard L., WA (2005 Acura TL)

"Solid after all these years. Handling is sharp and controlled in turns. Power is more than ample for highway driving and city. Only issue is power at low speed can be more than required since accelerator pedal seems to be a bit sensitive. But not an issue at all."

Mark O., ON (2005 Acura TL)

"Ti I g belt lasted to over 200000 and was still in great shape. Power steering has been a. Issue. Replaced pump and. Ow the rack n pinion has failed making difficult to steer. It's expensive and. I sure I'll keep car now after having st pump timing belt etc replaced."

JEFF C., OK (2005 Acura TL)

"For a small car, I get very frustrated with wide turning radius when parking! Know of other TL drivers with same complaint"

Anonymous, AB (2005 Acura TL)

"The TL has always handled well. The steering in particular gives good feedback and is very precise. The acceleration has been acceptable, but not exceptional. I have to say that I did see some improvement in acceleration and gas mileage since a recent fuel line and injector cleaning."

ANDY B., CA (2005 Acura TL)

"Premium gas is a letdown for the for the mileage delivered"

COLVILLE P., AB (2005 Acura TL)

"Good driving experience"

WILLIAM W., MA (2005 Acura TL)

"Acceleration and handling are excellent but the turning radius is not good"

JIM L., OH (2005 Acura TL)

"Great acceleration, ease of handling"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Acura TL)

"I like the manual transmission for driving in the mountains--especially for going down steep inclines, I don't have to use my brakes so much & believe I have better control of the car."

JEAN MARIE K., CO (2005 Acura TL)

"This is a surprising fun car to drive. For a family sedan, this car accelerates very well, and if you push its handling feels very light on its feet. One of the best front wheel cars to drive that does not feel like a front wheel drive car. I really do not like front wheel drive cars but this one makes you forget it is front wheel drive."

GERARD L., WA (2005 Acura TL)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Front seats could be a little wider."

Anonymous, NY (2005 Acura TL)

"On of the most comfortable road cars I have ever owned. Not looking forward to replacing it when the time comes."

Craig A., CA (2005 Acura TL)

"Excellent vehicle. Pleasure to drive. Good power, comfortable and reliable"

Taylor M., BC (2005 Acura TL)

"The car remains very comfortable with little road or wind noise, comfortable seats and a smooth ride."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Acura TL)

"It's the most comfortable car I've owned and comfort is the main reason I selected it over others."

Robert R., TN (2005 Acura TL)

"Low profile tires are noisy on roads with cracks or seams running across roads. Have used Michelin and Bridgestones specified for car."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Acura TL)

"Very powerful engine"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Acura TL)

"Seats comfortable."

Anonymous, AB (2005 Acura TL)

"I am able to adjust the driver's seat vertically so it is correct for me. The driver's seat has lumbar support."

Jean Marie K., CO (2005 Acura TL)

"Exciting, secure ride"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Acura TL)

"Very solid ride; quite comfortable; noise levels low; seats are well padded."

Lorra H., ON (2005 Acura TL)

"Car remains a very comfortable, confident drive with excellent handling, acceleration and mileage"

Anthony M., NY (2005 Acura TL)

"The power steering is embarrassingly noisy."

Jeff C., OK (2005 Acura TL)

"The car enjoys being on the interstate. It is built for 70+mph. Over 30 mpg on the highway. It HATES in town stop and go driving. Always searching for a gear, sluggish acceleration under 300 rpm and a pretty big turning radius for that size car."

Anonymous, WI (2005 Acura TL)

"for older car, cabin is very quiet, seats are fine on a all day trip"

Greg T., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Has a minor sag in back/left corner of driver seat, but it's 11 yrs old. Rider seat sits too low, a design issue not wear."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Acura TL)

"Low profile makes access difficult."

PAUL F., AZ (2005 Acura TL)

"Seats are very comfortable. Climate control works fine but sometimes I have to over-ride the Auto feature to turn-up the fan speed. Highway noise is excessive to me. Ride is good for a Sport Sedan."

DOUG F., GA (2005 Acura TL)

"Continuing dashboard rattles from day one that repeated dealer visits did not resolve."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Acura TL)

"Seats are too low slung"

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Acura TL)

"comfort and ride are outstanding."

RICHARD J., IL (2005 Acura TL)

"This vehicle has a vary comfortable interior but the ride is stiff for a car, much like a heavy duty truck."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Acura TL)

"one of the best cars I have ever owned. reliable, very comfortable, easy to adjust. radio system has knobs and is easy to use. Got a great deal when I bought it, at 147,000 still all systems working well. less maintenance needed than I expect for this milege"

TOM M., NJ (2005 Acura TL)

"More road noise than I would like"

JOHN G., NJ (2005 Acura TL)

"Well designed"

Anonymous, MB (2005 Acura TL)

"My TL transmits a lot of road noise to the passenger compartment, regardless of tire brand."

JAMES H., AL (2005 Acura TL)

"Bad seat cramped, difficult entry, poor legroom Phone interface failed, draining battery - very expensive to repair. Decided to unplug. These dissatisfactions will severely hesitate new purchase"

RICHARD B., CA (2005 Acura TL)

"GREAT vehicle..... style, comfort, power, handling, etc.. Maybe more noisey than I'd like, but a Honda/Acura trait."

DON H., FL (2005 Acura TL)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I got a really good price because I knew an Acura field rep."

John Z., PA (2005 Acura TL)

"For a four door family somewhat luxury car, it handles like a balanced car. When this car is pushed into curves it almost takes on a neutral feel and does not act like a car of its bulk and weight. The back seat leg room space is impressive as well as the truck depth for a car of this size. Acura did a great job on this series of TL. Too bad they lost their way with the next series. They had almost perfection and now they have gone to lost unfocased products. Their Honda products have more refin..."

Gerard L., WA (2005 Acura TL)

"no options needed when I bought this from heated seats to sunroof to xmradio everything included"

Tom M., NJ (2005 Acura TL)

"GREAT value. Only regrets is cost of replacing headlight system, and leather seat covers wore out. Clutch slipping - but only after 180,000 miles"

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Acura TL)

"Never before have I owned an automobile for 12 years and felt it was as good as the day I took delivery. The TL is just a great auto. I've owned a new Chrysler and a Ford prior. Both required regular parts replacement and maintenance once the 36,000 mile factory warranty expired."

Anonymous, OH (2005 Acura TL)

"$30000.00 brand new in 2005. Still running like a top in 2017. Great car, great value."

Mark W., CA (2005 Acura TL)

"Incredible value for the price. Extremely reliable. That's why I still own it."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Acura TL)

"12 years and 171,000 miles with NO major problems. This car rarely goes into the shop for repairs"

Craig J., OK (2005 Acura TL)

"Great stylish car. Still running strong with 213K miles"

Brian B., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Phenomenal maintenance free car. 85000 miles to first brake job. Customer service a bit pricey but excellent quality. Fun to drive, still looks like new."

Robert O., OH (2005 Acura TL)

"Only complaint is having to purchase premium fuel."

Taylor M., BC (2005 Acura TL)

"relatively expensive car but is still in good shape at 13 yrs with 180k miles. Very good buy."

John H., PA (2005 Acura TL)

"I purchased the vehicle new in 2005 for approximately $36,000 with the intent of keeping the vehicle for at least 10 years. We are now in the thirteenth-year and I will probably keep the vehicle until it has 200,000 mile on it. Therefore, on a cost per year basis, we will average less than $1,700 per year which represents very good value to me. I am frequently asked if I would be interested in selling the car and I always say no."

Anonymous, TN (2005 Acura TL)

"My car is 13 years old, has almost 160K miles and it is still running great, extremely comfortable, great with gas mileage, and I will most likely drive it for another year or two (at least)"

Linda R., NJ (2005 Acura TL)

"Got this auto because it had every thing my wife wanted in a auto and it much cheaper that the 2005 Lexus. Only problem was the Bluetooth went out a week after the warranty ended, but Acura split the cost with me. Regular oil change and following the upkeep manual has the 2005 Acura TL running great in it's 13th year."

Robbin L., IL (2005 Acura TL)

"Excellent value for a well built and durable car. At 13 years old with over 100,000 mostly urban miles its still a good option for a long drive"

Anthony M., NY (2005 Acura TL)

"This car is 13 years old and is still looking and running great. I will probably keep it at least two more years."

Peter F., WI (2005 Acura TL)

"110000 miles and no major repairs. Still runs and rides very well."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Much of what one would pay extra for on cars such as BMW, Audi, etc. was included in the price for the Acura."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Acura TL)

"Great value. Only regret is that they ceased making this model. Every thing about this car was great. I paid about half of what I had paid for a Mercedes and got a better car. Repairs were reasonable. It did have a problem with failing windows, but things do happen. There were some seat belt issues, but over 13 years, it continues to work like a trooper."

L F., NY (2005 Acura TL)

"This purchase was a fine value for the quality of how the car performs both engine and handling for a larger car, it does not feel like a big car. I am amazed on the back seat leg room and comfort as well as a trunk that is large enough to almost fit all the items I put into my Volvo V40 station wagon."

Gerard L., WA (2005 Acura TL)

"In 190,000 miles there have been no mechanical or electrical problems."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Acura TL)

"We have had no major problems with this Acura. That makes it a great choice for value to me. I feel we have a quality product. We will buy an Acura again if they continue with this quality."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Acura TL)

"Terrific car!"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Acura TL)

"Full set of features including stability control system for great price"

GREG T., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Have had no problems with the vehicle since bought new"

TAYLOR M., BC (2005 Acura TL)

"Shopped Acura , BMW and Infiniti. The Acura had everything in the vase price and I got a good deal on that"

TOM M., NJ (2005 Acura TL)

"I won this car in a lottery!"

Anonymous, AB (2005 Acura TL)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Car looks brand new, and styling up-to-date still"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Acura TL)

"10+ year old car and still looks great"

GREG T., FL (2005 Acura TL)

"Still get comments about the styling and it's almost 12 years old. However I have, maintained it in pristine condition."

DOUG F., GA (2005 Acura TL)

"It still looks stylish even though 10 years old."

Anonymous, WA (2005 Acura TL)

"car looks sharp even after 11 years"

RICHARD J., IL (2005 Acura TL)

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