Alfa's 4C is a superlight two-seat, midengine sports car for people who live more for the track than for their commute. Though short on creature comforts, the Alfa's high points are its style and agility. The 4C is powered by a 1.7-liter, turbo four-cylinder engine that cranks out 237 hp and uses a dual-clutch, six-speed automated manual transmission that can also be shifted manually via paddles behind the steering wheel.
Alfa Romeo 4C Road Test
First Drive

Alfa Romeo 4C proves to be a pure enthusiast's car.

Famed Italian brand returns with a coupe that's not for the faint of heart.


Alfa Romeo returns to the U.S. market after an almost 20-year absence, lead by the striking 4C coupe - a mid-engine, rear drive, two-seat sports car wrapped in a sensual silhouette. In our initial drive, we found this Italian coupe to be a real treat for driving enthusiasts, but it also brings compromises.

The Spider version offers open top motoring with a fabric top one must unlatch and roll up. And since storage space is scant, you're likely to either leave the top in the passenger's foot-well or in your garage.

To explain the name: 4 stands for four-cylinder, C for competition.

Impressions We were impressed with the 4C's perfectly balanced handling, power, and thrilling sound. It is a terrific track day toy, but serving as a daily driver is another matter altogether.
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