Like all 3 Series, this version of the 325i is fun to drive. It has more room than the previous pre-2005 version. Responsive steering and handling make it as nimble as some sports cars. The engine delivers lively performance and the smooth transmission contributes to a sporty feel. Some controls, however, can be difficult to use.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"fabulous handling"

Anonymous, MB (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Acceleration and handling are great. It is a fun car to drive."

MARK S., MN (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"This car has the Sport package and it's handling is just great"

Anonymous, CA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"The car feels very stable and solid on the road. It accelerates nicely and handles very well. Whenever I need to rent a car that is not a BMW, I always wonder how other people manage with those vehicles. I have not driven any other car that drives as well as my BMW."

LAURA G., OH (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Like a skateboard"

LEE M., OR (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Lots of power, great handling,overall fun."

Anonymous, NH (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"best driving car I have owned. Until I got this car I didn't really understand over steer or under steer."

Anonymous, KS (2006 BMW 3 Series)


RODNEY G., FL (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Always seems to be asking "what would you like to do now?" Responsiveness and power make you feel that you could avoid almost any dangerous driving situation."

Anonymous, GA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Handling is great, acceleration at low RPM could be better"

Anonymous, NJ (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"This old 3 series is so fun to drive, I don't understand why people want self-driving vehicles. We should be moving back to stick shifts instead."

Anonymous, NY (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Truly the ultimate driving machine..."

JIM S., MS (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"After 10 years, it still drives like new. Excellent responsiveness from engine, steering, braking and handling. An absolute gem of a car to drive"

MICHAEL H., CA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"More power than needed. Great handling. But not as fun to drive as any model 2002"

ANNE B., CT (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"The style, handling, acceleration, comfort, reliability and resale are excellent. What is not to like?"

NANCY S., CA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Equipped with the sought after and rare "Performance Package" aka: ZHP. Cloth/Alcantara upholsetered seats. Great handling, braking and acceleration."

ALFONSO Z., VA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"A joy to drive, very fast and agile."

MEGAN F., CO (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Very good acceleration + handling"

Anonymous, SC (2006 BMW 3 Series)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Getting into the coupe is is too low and the door is too long. Very poor tire wear. Don't like the run flats"

LEE M., OR (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Luxurious. Refined. Fit and finish is excelent. Only complaint are the design of cupholders. One has stopped working. The use was very sporadic. Not up to BMW standa rds."

ALFRED J., IN (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"The a/c takes too much time to cool or heat to a comfortable level, but maintains comfort once reached."

DAVID L., FL (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"It's a nice car where I feel comfortable, the ride is good !"

Anonymous, NJ (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Of the 12 vehicles I have owned over the last 45 years this vehicle is the most comfortable. We use it as a daily driver and for long trips, after hundreds of kilometres we always arrive relaxed."

ROBERT L., BC (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Just perfect"

DANIEL R., RI (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Seatback offers inadequate lumbar support for long drives. Electric power steering is wooden compared to other BMWs I've owned."

Anonymous, BC (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Excellent Seats"

SCOTT L., CA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Great looks and performance. Acceleration is phemomenal, harmon kardon stereo is just perfect."

BLADIMIR C., NY (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"The Bridgestone run flat tires are noisy and costly"

Anonymous, NJ (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"The seats are very comfortable. The car has great acceleration. It is definitely a car you love to drive and ride in."

MARK S., MN (2006 BMW 3 Series)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Did I say I was satisfied with the value ? No, the car is subject to both expensive repairs and maintenance."

Anonymous, FL (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"maintenance cost high."

A J., CT (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Had issues with it from the day it was bought. One expensive thing after another went wrong with the vehicle. Fun to drive but way too costly to maintain."

Anonymous, ON (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Fantastic car"

GARY W., FL (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"A bit expensive, but no maintenance problems."

RODNEY W., NV (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Great value until it is time to take it in for repair. Rather expensive, at that point."

JACK B., CO (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"The car Is fun everyday but the biggest value has been reliability with very infrequent unplanned maintenance cost."

KATHY M., PA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"I have owned this car for 11 years. It will probably last another 11 years. I hope I do......"

ANDY R., CA (2006 BMW 3 Series)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Classic BMW look is nice and the design makes for very good visibility. Most like the 3 box design over the X1 hatch look."

DON B., CA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"Classic and never out of style"

DANIEL R., RI (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"This car looked good in 2006 and looks better now."

Anonymous, NY (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"The BMW hasn't changed much over the years, so a 2006 looks a lot like a 2013 or 14. It came with many features in 2006 that are still available in a new BMW."

NANCY S., CA (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"top down is a beautiful car to look at it. performance is out standing."

BLADIMIR C., NY (2006 BMW 3 Series)

"It's a beautiful automobile!"

JOHN R., NC (2006 BMW 3 Series)
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