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With its sporty handling, sharp steering, quick acceleration and compact dimensions, the X1 brings more sport than utility to the SUV equation. BMW's smallest SUV is also the least expensive model in the automaker's lineup, but that's not to be confused with it being inexpensive. A relatively low stance makes the X1 appear more like a tall wagon and helps give it handling worthy of a sports car.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This car maneuvers well and is responsive. Without its handling excellence we might not have survived a situation where a car swerved into our lane when we were traveling at high speed on the highway."

Anonymous, NY (2015 BMW X1)

"Acceleration in economy mode somewhat sluggish.In standard mode, very good. Handling is very good for this type of vehicle."

Anonymous, PR (2015 BMW X1)

"An SUV that drives like a sports car! Very impressive!"

Anonymous, MN (2015 BMW X1)

"This car is very much fun to drive-excellent handling and acceleration."

Robert B., ME (2015 BMW X1)

"I consider the ability to accelerate and maneuver quickly and surely as a safety feature."

Gary C., SC (2015 BMW X1)

"I have the sports package. Very FUN to drive!"

David D., AR (2015 BMW X1)

"Superior accelaration and confidence-enhancing handling."

Anonymous, PA (2015 BMW X1)

"Best driving car I've ever had."

Joseph T., NC (2015 BMW X1)

"Handles like a sports car despite being an SUV and accelerates better than any comparable vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Like a 3-series sedan."

Anonymous, DC (2015 BMW X1)

"Handling and braking revery good. I rarely use the vehicle's acceleration capabilities very often."

Carl P., NM (2015 BMW X1)

"Very responsive drivetrain and sports-car like handling. I love to drive this car!"

Eric C., MI (2015 BMW X1)

"I really drives like a sports car. So responsive and the sterning is fantastic. The 4 cy engine is really fast and moves out well on the freeway when getting on."

Louis W., VA (2015 BMW X1)

"Solid handling with plenty of power. Smooth twin turbo straight six."

Anonymous, FL (2015 BMW X1)

"I specifically bought a low mileage 2015 CPO because the fools at BMW changed the X1 to a MINI in 2016. I am thrilled with the twin scroll turbo 4 and especially the brilliant 8 speed transmission. What a joy to drive. Switch to sport to enter freeways or highway passing and this little engine motivates."

Thomas O., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"The available power is amazing, this is my little sports car! And it takes curves & accelerations very well."

Robyn S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Responds well to traffic opportunities with good acceleration and intuitive responses."

Richard S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Driving experience"

Oscar R., NV (2015 BMW X1)

"Handles great in heavy rain, deep snow."

G T., WI (2015 BMW X1)

"Its true what they say about BMW being all about the driving experience. Its fun to drive, handles very well, great acceleration. Friends who drive it want to go on road trips with my car!"

Anonymous, WA (2015 BMW X1)


Anonymous, CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Very sporty with great handling and good acceleration. Easy to maneuver and park."

George B., LA (2015 BMW X1)

"Lot of power for the 3.5 liter"

Anonymous, TX (2015 BMW X1)

"LOVE the acceleration and handling on this car! It's a dream to drive, I can drive hour after hour without fatigue. I love to drive, and it's the most fun I've ever had behind the wheel."

Robyn S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Engine is smooth and powerful. Has a great sound during acceleration. Steering is great. Ride is stiff and bumpy."

Anonymous, TX (2015 BMW X1)

"As a small SUV and lower cog, 300 hp and hydraulic steering are just a joy to drive."

David A., CT (2015 BMW X1)

"This is our sixth BMW. Its predecessor was a 2003 325iT, which was a nearly perfect car for our purposes. It is now our daughter's. Replacing it we found the successor to lack its liveliness, besides only being available in AWD, thus pricing it out of our market. The X1, with its turbo four is quicker than the 325iT, and responds well when needed, while sounding slightly agricultural at idle and slow speeds. The car's highway handling took some getting used to, reacting to the slightest input at..."

Richard S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"It is an incredibly great-handling vehicle. I had a loaner 2016 X1 and there is no comparison."

DREW S., NY (2015 BMW X1)

"It handles the road very nicely."

ZAID A., NC (2015 BMW X1)

"Very responsive"

Anonymous, CO (2015 BMW X1)

"One does not expect a crossover to handle like a sports car, nor does this one. Nevertheless I drove it on my annual pilgrimage from Southern California up The Cabrillo Highway to Monterey in August and found it a willing co-conspirator in attacking the switchbacks and varying curves between Ragged Point and Big Sur. One small point: the turbo four is very responsive on acceleration but does not provide proportional engine braking on lift-throttle, requiring a little more braking for recreationa"

RICHARD S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Fun to drive"

C K., IL (2015 BMW X1)

"A joy to drive"

OSCAR R., NV (2015 BMW X1)

"Really a blast to drive aggressively"

Anonymous, WA (2015 BMW X1)

"I wonder if I could put regular tires (vs run flat tires) if the handling could be even better."

KEVIN E., CO (2015 BMW X1)

"smooth and secure."

Anonymous, VT (2015 BMW X1)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Lots of noise from windows - wind, and creaky glass, seals. Especially driver's side."

Christine W., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"very comfortable front seats. Low noise. Ride somewhat harsh probably due to run flat tires."

Anonymous, PR (2015 BMW X1)

"Seats needed to be more bolstered; road noise with run-flat tires is unacceptable, various squeaks and rattles are random and shop unable to locate and correct."

Anonymous, CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Sport seats infinitely adjustable with seat memory. always perfect"

Ken B., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Very comfortable seat (w/sport seats), excellent ride & driving position is stellar. I can drive for 16 + with no problem, it's incredible!"

Robyn S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"I wish the seat bottom was longer for better leg support"

David P., MD (2015 BMW X1)

"Quiet, firm but comfortable ride. Quiet, little road noise."

G T., WI (2015 BMW X1)

"Seats are good.Car is somewhat noisy due to wind noise. Ride is sporty, can feel the bumps but taut."

Anonymous, NY (2015 BMW X1)

"Seats are comfortable. Ride is a bit choppy on imperfect roads. Quiet enough for conversation, insulates well against outside noise."

Richard S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"Car is too small for my needs. Seats are hard and flat and too uncomfortable for any trip longer than about 40 minutes"

John G., CO (2015 BMW X1)

"The seats are very u comfortable for anything beyond a short errand. They are too short in the seat and cut off circulation. Need constant adjustment to be comfortable."

Anonymous, WA (2015 BMW X1)

"The seats could be more comfortable and would be better if they were all electric adjustable"

Anonymous, CA (2015 BMW X1)

"hi speed noise too high; driver seat a bit too small"

MITCH H., RI (2015 BMW X1)

"This is a small SUV we bought for my wife. I am a tall man weighing about 200 lbs and the front seats are too narrow for a large person. Since this is not my primary vehicle, it is not a serious problem, but would be more comfortable when I do drive it if the seats were an inch or two wider."

Anonymous, VA (2015 BMW X1)

"The drivers cockpit is a bit too tight for me. The center console/tunnel should be narrowed a bit to accommodate. I believe this has been addressed in the newer generation of this car."

TONY P., NY (2015 BMW X1)

"I am omly 5 feet tall. Would prefer seats would go higher for driver"

ELLIOT B., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"It has a beautiful style, and it has a very good handling."

ZAID A., NC (2015 BMW X1)

"Seats are very comfortable. Inside controls condensed into smaller space than I was used to in larger SUV so took some getting used to to find controls and information via the computer selection setup rather than all items readily displayed"

Anonymous, VA (2015 BMW X1)

"Hard to find a good seating position. I have to move the seat too far forward for my tastes."

GORDON P., CA (2015 BMW X1)

"A little more road and engine noise than my other BMW's but seating and ride is comfortable"

Anonymous, TX (2015 BMW X1)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Service is great. comfortable waiting room, most of the costs for service are covered by warranty. I have only paid for things like new tires."

Anonymous, PA (2015 BMW X1)

"I was looking for a driving experience like a 3-series sedan (I've owned 4 of those). The X1 satisfies that."

Anonymous, DC (2015 BMW X1)

"Extremely well engineered vehicle with a high quality level of materials, from brakes to paint finish."

Gary C., SC (2015 BMW X1)

"The vehicle does not come close to giving me the excellence I am accustomed to in a BMW. Frankly it's a joke to even put the BMW badge on this car"

Anonymous, FL (2015 BMW X1)

"Somewhat overpriced"

Anonymous, CT (2015 BMW X1)

"Excellent handling combined with manageable size and mileage"

MITHAT M., CT (2015 BMW X1)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"styling is somewhat truncated and is hard to see out back"

Anonymous, VT (2015 BMW X1)

"We purchased the "x-Line" package which includes a rich Midnight Blue menu choice along with sumptuous brown leather seating surfaces with a silver/blue accent. Those are the features that seduced us into buying perhaps a little above our target budget."

RICHARD S., CA (2015 BMW X1)

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