Want a small upscale SUV that does it all? The BMW X3 emphasizes driving fun and melds luxury car attributes with the traditional utility of an SUV. Athletic handling and eager power make the X3 enjoyable to drive. Cabin finish is impeccable and passengers benefit from supportive seats and a hushed interior. All of these attributes help the X3 rank among the top-rated vehicles in the compact luxury SUV class.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Great agility. Handles better than many cars. Much better than my second choice, the Acura RDX."

Anonymous, WI (2013 BMW X3)

"Surprised at how responsive the 4 cylinder engine is. Handles more like a sports car than an SUV."

Anonymous, ON (2013 BMW X3)

"300 hp and 300 hundred ft/pd of torque from 1300 rpm to 5000 rpm.. Accelerates effortlessly . Handles in sporting sort of way. Highly comfortable, and made in the USA."

ROGER B., QC (2013 BMW X3)

"Styling handling"

JOHN P., IN (2013 BMW X3)

"When accelerating from a stop, there is a noticeable lag, presumably from turbo."

BRIAN B., WA (2013 BMW X3)

"Accelerates and handles like a sports car."

Anonymous, TX (2013 BMW X3)

"love the size and the handling."

JAMES S., TX (2013 BMW X3)

"Definite turbo lag"

ANDREW C., CO (2013 BMW X3)

"Outstanding performance and great mileage!"

GEORGE L., VA (2013 BMW X3)

"This is absolutely the smoothest running drive train with plenty of power that I have ever experienced. It is worth putting up with the quirks you get with a BMW."

LOUIS D., OH (2013 BMW X3)

"My vehicle has larger engine which gives very good acceleration when needed for moving into traffic on a freeway. I generally use it in the middle range of 3 possible ranges (economy versus power) and find that the combination of power and handling is very good. It has a leather covered steering well which grips well."

HYMAN B., ON (2013 BMW X3)

"I'm amazed at the swift acceleration and the precise handling. This car handles like a sports car."

ALBERT N., SC (2013 BMW X3)

"Handles very much like my BMW 3Series sedan."

GARY C., NC (2013 BMW X3)

"The driving experience (accellerating uphill without a hitch, like a sportcar instead of a big SUV) is what sold me on the car. The handling is superb, and this is afterall an SUV!"

Anonymous, CA (2013 BMW X3)

"Great handling and acceleration. Drives like a sports car."

BRUCE M., OH (2013 BMW X3)

"I got the 4 cyl model and the acceleration from stop isn't very good. I can floor the gas pedal and it sits there for a second before moving. Once it's moving, the acceleration is fine. Trying to accelerate onto a highway, for example, can be frustrating. When I get my next car, I'll be sure to buy a more powerful engine for better acceleration."

Anonymous, NY (2013 BMW X3)

"Just as. good as the 5x but. lighter better town car 5x better road car"

JIM J., AZ (2013 BMW X3)

"Use to drive for long range tours....handling easy"

J W., NC (2013 BMW X3)

"Despite the X3 having a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine, acceleration and handling are outstanding. Using the "sport" mode enhances performance even more. My 70/30 highway/local driving delivers consistent 25 mpg. We recently took an extended pure highway trip and averaged over 30 miles per gallon- that was based on true consumption, not the onboard computer."

SEYMOUR M., PA (2013 BMW X3)

"4 cylinder engine performance exceeded my expectations."

GEORGE G., CT (2013 BMW X3)

"Love the "get up and go" of the engine. Quick acceleration is a huge plus."

Anonymous, IN (2013 BMW X3)

"love it. Just purchased a month ago ,so it hasn't 't been tested too much."

Anonymous, OH (2013 BMW X3)

"Good power, no turbo lag. Good gas mileage."

Mary T., IN (2013 BMW X3)

"Like driving a go cart. hard to believe it only has a 4 cylinder engine. Super fun to drive, responsive and handles very well for an SUV."

John P., CA (2013 BMW X3)

"Does quite well for a 4 cylinder engine, secure handling"

Gary S., NJ (2013 BMW X3)

"acceleration is good and handling is very nice. Air conditioning, however, is bad."

Paul J., AR (2013 BMW X3)

"Excellent performance and crisp handling from a mid size SUV!"

George L., VA (2013 BMW X3)

"For a small engine it does quite well accelerating and handling on the highway"

Anonymous, NH (2013 BMW X3)

"Not much more needed to say about the acceleration and handling - AWESOME!"

Anonymous, PA (2013 BMW X3)

"Wonderful to drive. It is the first vehicle I've owned where the time spent driving is a pleasure."

Anonymous, CT (2013 BMW X3)

"like driving a go-cart. hard to believe its a 4 cylinder engine"

John P., CA (2013 BMW X3)

"The acceleration is not as smooth like in previous BMWs that I have owned. There is definitely a hesitation before you pick up speed. There also is more body lean than I would like in turns."

Tonia M., SC (2013 BMW X3)

"Very fast and able to keep up with traffic on 75 mph speed limit on interstate. Much quieter than our previous CRV."

Anonymous, TX (2013 BMW X3)

"Very responsive and ease of handling. You have to be careful because it’s very easy to exceed the speed limit. I love the heads up display on the windshield."

Anonymous, IL (2013 BMW X3)

"Amazing acceleration and handling capabilities!"

Tim R., NS (2013 BMW X3)

"For a turbo four cylinder it accelerates quite well. Handling is solid and predictable, particularly in lousy weather."

Anonymous, BC (2013 BMW X3)

"It is a 35i, and accelerates much better than the 28i drive as tested prior to purchase. There was a lag in responsiveness. with the 28i. It is responsive, and handles well."

Anonymous, CA (2013 BMW X3)

"This car is the best car I have ever owned! It handles like a dream, saved our lives going 70 on highway in mountains when motorcycle rider passed us, pulled in front of us and fell off his bike. This car literally saved our lives with it’s instant response to my commands. I will never drive a different car. This one is simply superb."

J M., FL (2013 BMW X3)

"snappy acceleration; very good handling for a crossover SUV"

Anonymous, KS (2013 BMW X3)

"Acceleration and responsiveness"

Anonymous, SC (2013 BMW X3)

"handles well for an suv; acceleration a little sluggish than what I'd expect from a BMW"

Joseph C., PA (2013 BMW X3)

"spirited acceleration and sure-footed, precise maneuverability"

Bruce F., MA (2013 BMW X3)

"Acceleration and handling is outstanding for an SUV."

Michael N., WA (2013 BMW X3)

"In sport setting lively, fast, and surefooted"

Francois M., AB (2013 BMW X3)

"When needing to accelerate quickly, there is an annoying 0.5 second of hesitation before it goes. Seems to not be an individual problem since both of our X3's exhibit this. And when renting series 5 BMW sedans, when the X3's are in for service, they do the same."

William H., NY (2013 BMW X3)

"Noticeable lag in throttle response, presumably due to turbo."

Brian B., WA (2013 BMW X3)

"Typical BMW quality and performance. The X3 handles the same at highway speeds as it does in town. Very stable with quick response in both handling and acceleration."

Anonymous, WV (2013 BMW X3)

"takes corners well for an SUV"

George H., NY (2013 BMW X3)

"It handles and accelerates really well. I view it as a safety enhancement"

H A., CT (2013 BMW X3)

"Great handling,really great acceleration,good fit and finish"

Anonymous, IL (2013 BMW X3)

"decent acceleration and sporty handling in combination with the sport package"

Anonymous, MI (2013 BMW X3)

"Have already needed to replace a worn-out panel of the pleather driver seat. My wife wanted the BMW badge more than getting a good car."

Sandra K., NY (2013 BMW X3)

"Responsive engine, sports car handling. Feels tight to road. Strong acceleration."

Anonymous, BC (2013 BMW X3)

"Tight suspension and very fast."

Anonymous, OH (2013 BMW X3)

"Very prompt and smooth"

Mary T., IN (2013 BMW X3)

"The vehicle accelerates well. The handling for the most part is great, except the run flat tires cause the vehicle to wonder when driving on well used, groves roadways. I much prefer driving it on the highway as opposed to the city."

Anonymous, BC (2013 BMW X3)

"Excellent acceleration and firm handling."

Anonymous, IL (2013 BMW X3)

"BMW handling & ride are the best in the industry"

Anonymous, CA (2013 BMW X3)

"The vehicle has the 3.5 liter inline 6 turbocharged engine from the base X5, acceleration and handling are excellent"

Anonymous, FL (2013 BMW X3)

"Acceleration is very good, and handling is very good as well for an SUV. Drives like a smaller vehicle than it is, and there is good forward visibility with the raised driving position of an SUV."

Anonymous, CA (2013 BMW X3)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"At the time this vehicle was much quieter than comparable SUV's, and had better handling and agility."

Anonymous, TX (2013 BMW X3)

"The engine on this car is very noisy. The good news, that inside you can not hear it but outside it sounds like it is knocking all the time."

Anonymous, OH (2013 BMW X3)

"The seats could be a little but cushier. Cabin noise is a bit high for a luxury vehicle. Ride is pretty smooth but could be better."

Anonymous, FL (2013 BMW X3)

"The issue with the BMW is not the manufacture's issue. I had an X5 and downsized to the X3, I prefer the roomier cab with larger seats, that's why I would not purchase this exact vehicle again. I will trade this one in for a new X5 within two years."

Anonymous, WA (2013 BMW X3)

"The driver seat in particular is very comfortable. It has multiple ways to adjust the back and seat. My car has a leather interior, which is plush and comfortable. The interior noise level is low while driving in the ride is firm yet comfortable."

HYMAN B., ON (2013 BMW X3)

"The cooling and heating is not as good as my old 2006 Toyota RAV4"

ROBERT Y., CA (2013 BMW X3)

"The recently replaced BMW specific tires create a humming noise. The right front passenger seat doesn't go back far enough for my taller passengers. The seats themselves have side contours that one cannot just slide out of."

Anonymous, VA (2013 BMW X3)

"Seats are comfortable. Heated seats warm up quickly. The road noise is good but could be better. The ride feels like a sporty car."

Anonymous, PA (2013 BMW X3)

"The seats are comfortable and easy to get to just the right position."

Anonymous, IN (2013 BMW X3)

"Seats were firm and could be alittle more softer .plus the seat belt latch is a little too deep I find it hard to push the seat belt into it esp if you have arthritic fingers"

Anonymous, MI (2013 BMW X3)

"very comfortable for a SAV vehicle"

Anonymous, NH (2013 BMW X3)

"Quite reasonable for an SUV."

Gary S., NJ (2013 BMW X3)

"Great seats. Solid ride and nimble handling."

Mary T., IN (2013 BMW X3)

"The ride is noisier than I expected, but I think this may be related to the type of tires."

Anonymous, NC (2013 BMW X3)

"Firm comfortable seats with many options to adjust"

Anonymous, IL (2013 BMW X3)

"Very comfortable and plenty of leg room. Very responsive and very quiet."

Anonymous, IL (2013 BMW X3)

"Sunroof squeaks when going over bumps. All else is great! 3 levels of power: Eco, Comfort, and Sport mode. All easy to access while driving."

Anonymous, CA (2013 BMW X3)

"Extremely comfortable driver's seat. Multiple adjustments to suite, particularly lumbar and side support. Ride quality with run flat tires was horrible. I replaced them with regular, non-run flats and ride quality is now outstanding."

Richard L., TX (2013 BMW X3)

"I can drive for a long time without being stiff when I exit the car. One of the primary reasons I purchsed this vehicle."

Anonymous, WI (2013 BMW X3)

"Very good seats"

Mary T., IN (2013 BMW X3)

"comfortable for long drives; quiet; good ride"

Anonymous, KS (2013 BMW X3)

"The car emits a loud engine noise, especially when accelerating. The seats are stiff, especially on long trips."

Anonymous, NC (2013 BMW X3)

"Sport seats provide good support and a comfortable driving position. The ride is predictable and controlled, without requiring much effort. Noise is well controlled inside the cabin."

Anonymous, CA (2013 BMW X3)

"Very comfortable around town and on long trips. One of the few vehicles that doesn't bother my back. Noise is marginal, and the ride is comfortable yet taunt."

Anonymous, BC (2013 BMW X3)

"Seats are very supportive and still look like new."

Anonymous, OH (2013 BMW X3)

"The seats are comfortable but a bit stiff. The leather on the side of the drivers side seat cushion is splitting."

Anonymous, FL (2013 BMW X3)

"We have the BMW with the fake leather and it is very very poor quality, zero bolstering in the seats...I had to have aftermarket lumbar added.."

Paul M., MA (2013 BMW X3)

"Seata are not terribly comfortable when on a long trip. Rear seats are even worse."

William H., NY (2013 BMW X3)

"comfortable seats"

John P., CA (2013 BMW X3)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"not worth what I paid"

FRANK M., FL (2013 BMW X3)

"Bought a Certified Pre Owned vehicle. I don't believe it is worth the extra money."

MICHAEL H., NJ (2013 BMW X3)

"I have been shocked that a car of this expense would have the oil pump malfunction at 59000 miles and get absolutely no support, help or even real connection from BMWUSA. the engine had to be totally replaced, and if we hadn't bought and extended warranty through our insurance company it would have cost $17000!"

BRUCE B., CA (2013 BMW X3)

"Same comments as I listed for the 1st X3."

William H., NY (2013 BMW X3)

"Exceptionally reliable, frugal with fuel (unfortunately premium), sure footed on the road (even winter driving)"

Francois M., AB (2013 BMW X3)

"There are so many silver X3s on the road that I often mistake them for my car. The external colors offered by BMW are so limited that I will not be replacing this car with another X3."

Anonymous, FL (2013 BMW X3)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Had limited styling options in this model year, but the best handling of its class"

EDMOND G., MA (2013 BMW X3)

"Love the looks, color, styling, performance handling, gas mileage and technology."

DARYL I., NC (2013 BMW X3)

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