With this redesign, BMW dialed back the sharp handling and taut ride of previous models, trading some of their sporty feel for a cushier ride that makes it seem, well, less BMW-like. The cabin is now more luxurious, solid, and quiet. Fit and finish are impeccable and it's loaded with an array of up-to-date electronic features.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handling feel is very good. Acceleration is very good."

Anonymous, ON (2014 BMW X5)

"The turbocharged diesel has incredible torque. The ability to accelerate while already going 80+ miles/hour is spectacular."

Anonymous, AE (2014 BMW X5)

"The 4.4 liter V8 twin turbo is a beast. Truly exceptional acceleration and handling. Fuel economy is the price paid, at only 17mpg."

Ryan G., CO (2014 BMW X5)

"Great pick up when passing; very easy to handle in any driving situation"

Anonymous, FL (2014 BMW X5)

"Mid-Size SUV handles almost likes a sports car. The suspension is adjustable for the type of ride and handling desired. Nice feature."

Anonymous, SC (2014 BMW X5)

"This diesel X5 is just like my other 3 BMw's. It put a smile on your face when driving."

Anonymous, IN (2014 BMW X5)

"It drives like a BMW, i.e., great."

D C., TX (2014 BMW X5)

"Handles good enough but it lacks power unless it is in sport mode"

Anonymous, FL (2014 BMW X5)

"Handling is great for getting out of tight spots and accident avoidance"

GARY A., FL (2014 BMW X5)

"It has great handling in any situation. It has great pickup to get me though difficult situations when needed. I have the confidence that it will do what I need, when I need it!"

Anonymous, GA (2014 BMW X5)

"Quickest and fastest car I have ever owned. Last four cars were Acura MDX's"

JIM J., AZ (2014 BMW X5)

"The acceleration, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, for a 5300 lb vehicle is just incredible."

Anonymous, GA (2014 BMW X5)

"For a diesel, great gas mileage and great acceleration,"

PAT M., NC (2014 BMW X5)

"The X-5 is a 3.5 engine, plenty of power and responsiveness,handling is very good. The "Sport" mode improves both of those items."

Anonymous, VA (2014 BMW X5)

"Tough at the road"

Anonymous, PR (2014 BMW X5)

"The turbodiesel provides incredible acceleration. Such a pleasure to drive. Smooth fast transmission, wonderful experience."

Anonymous, AE (2014 BMW X5)

"Handling and acceleration is great especially in the mountains of Colorado"

Brent B., CO (2014 BMW X5)

"The BMW can accelerate like a rocket. The handling is great and sure-footed in all situations."

Anonymous, SC (2014 BMW X5)

"Engineering excellence, exceptional M series performance and handling, style, comfort and value compared to peer group products."

Anonymous, WA (2014 BMW X5)

"Great handling and super fast excelleration,"

David C., AZ (2014 BMW X5)


John C., CA (2014 BMW X5)

"Handling is excellent. Twin turbo Diesel engine is both powerful and gets terrific fuel mileage. It’s an unbelievable combination in a large vehicle!"

Anonymous, IL (2014 BMW X5)

"Power will push you in the seat better than anything short of a high power sports car"

Anonymous, MI (2014 BMW X5)

"Great driving handling and experience. LOVE IT!"

Anonymous, OR (2014 BMW X5)

"Quality of car and it fits my needs"

Anonymous, PA (2014 BMW X5)

"Great Acceleration"

Scott S., FL (2014 BMW X5)

"Great visibility. Plenty of power. Good long range cruiser. Feel safe in this car."

Steve M., TX (2014 BMW X5)

"An outstanding experience that I enjoy every time I drive. Rocket-like acceleration, tight cornering, and a secure, stable feeling on. The road."

Robert R., NC (2014 BMW X5)

"Excellent all around other than numb steering"

Anonymous, CA (2014 BMW X5)

"Best driving SUV of several brands owned and sampled"

Anonymous, TX (2014 BMW X5)

"Smooth acceleration and handled like a sports car for a large SUV."

Molly K., CA (2014 BMW X5)

"Excellent handling for a SUV, drives like a sports car. Very nice and fun to drive."

Anonymous, MN (2014 BMW X5)

"Handling close to my prior Mercedes E class sedan"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 BMW X5)

"Excellent steering feel and road grip."

Anonymous, NC (2014 BMW X5)

"nothing bad"

William C., TX (2014 BMW X5)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Drive to work and school for approximately 3 hours a day total. Super comfortable and a pleasure to be in."

Garry G., CA (2014 BMW X5)

"The seats on this vehicle are the best I have experienced! Comfortable for long journeys and can be adjusted in so many ways! (Wish the seats in my home were this comfortable)"

Kt H., TX (2014 BMW X5)

"The seats and ride are typical BMW comfort. It's what they do well. You don't get tired driving the X5 long distances."

R H., FL (2014 BMW X5)

"Sometimes hard to get enough cold air when very hot outside."

RICH A., IL (2014 BMW X5)

"Seat adjustments could be customized to your liking and locked to memory. Ride; Holds on to the road like a sports car"

JOHN L., ON (2014 BMW X5)

"Seats are very comfortable for me and I can have a driving position that I find comfortable for long rides."

J R., NJ (2014 BMW X5)

"Great acceleration if buying again would have looked at upgrading seats."

BRENT B., CO (2014 BMW X5)

"Sports package makes the ride very harsh and choppy specially at low speeds."

MEHRAN L., CA (2014 BMW X5)

"Seats should be more comfortable. Auto climate is very slow to cool on a hot day. Steering requires constant adjustment, most annoying on the highway. My 2012 x5 was virtually reading my mind. Much more relaxing to drive."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 BMW X5)

"For long or short drives. You can adjust the seat to change for all kinds of driving."

Scott S., FL (2014 BMW X5)

"Comfortable seats but ride a bit rough and noisy"

Anonymous, TX (2014 BMW X5)

"The cabin is quiet and refined. Seats are adjustable in so many ways that almost anyone can find a setting that works well. Optional cooled seats are well worth the additional options!"

Kt H., TX (2014 BMW X5)

"Multi-comfort seats are amazing and the car is very quiet."

Kevin-Selena F., CA (2014 BMW X5)

"great driver, excellent power fun to drive, great handling, a little noisy, extremely comfortable seats"

William C., TX (2014 BMW X5)

"The BMW is quiet and do comfortable that long trips are not tiring."

Anonymous, SC (2014 BMW X5)

"Very smooth ride. Seats (20 way) are very comfortable. Every option is available."

Anonymous, IL (2014 BMW X5)

"Amazing power for the mileage, Technology (Night Vision esp.) Is outstanding. Thought he night vision system would be a gimmick but works amazing well at spotting deer and pedestrians in dark area much better than headlights"

Anonymous, MI (2014 BMW X5)

"seats were extremely comfortable. very smooth over bumps."

Molly K., CA (2014 BMW X5)

"Great all around. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned"

Anonymous, CA (2014 BMW X5)

"14 way adjustment on seats allow for great adjustment of seat for comfort. I particularly like the ability to extend the front of the seat to support my legs since I am relatively tall."

Mark O., AL (2014 BMW X5)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Compared to other vehicles in this class, the price covers the maintenace services for 4 years or 80,000Km which ever occurs first. The owner knows that there is $0 cost during this period, except for tires brakes and gas."

JOHN L., ON (2014 BMW X5)

"Options add up quickly, but the amount of technology and driver experience goes into making it the ultimate driving machine/"

JASON G., OH (2014 BMW X5)

"Engineering excellence, reliability, function, performance, comfort."

Anonymous, WA (2014 BMW X5)

"It has been clinic vehicle and has bee dependable with many miles on it."

Sue B., ON (2014 BMW X5)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"20" Chrome Rims, Exterior styling,"

JOHN C., CA (2014 BMW X5)

"I love the way it looks. I am proud to be driving my BMW whenever I am out in it. I like driving it!"

Anonymous, GA (2014 BMW X5)

"Very nice styling inside and out"

GARY A., FL (2014 BMW X5)

"Sharp looking nice interior"

THOMAS G., FL (2014 BMW X5)

"Sporty looks inside and out."

BRENT B., CO (2014 BMW X5)

Would you buy this car again?

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