T he world needs more small trucks. They’re easier to park and maneuver and cost less to feed than full-sized behemoths, like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500. But then the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon twins came along with the first modern compact truck redesign in many years. GM had Rocky Mountain high hopes for this truck, and sales have been strong.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


Gary C., TX (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Ok so far."

Rodney H., MT (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Acceleration is really great. the truck drives like a car and is pretty good on gas."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Does well pulling my boat."

Ronnie L., AL (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"The 8 speed transmission is excellent."

Anonymous, TX (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Drives very smooth more like an SUV. Love it"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)


Anonymous, NY (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Plenty of power"

Anonymous, WA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Very good acceleration and nimble handling."

Todd H., IA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"I bought this Truck for off-roading and it serves that purpose well. It has the ZR2 off-road package."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"I have had 4 other Colorado pickups, it is the best I have had. I love it"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"accelerates and handles more like a car than a truck."

Anonymous, WA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Stout acceleration even with a cargo load on board, the 6-cylinder gets the job done without hesitation or lag - push pedal, go fast. For the vehicles length & wheelbase, the maneuverability is quick, sure & highly responsive. Tight turns & narrow parking bays pose no problem for the Colorado."

Nancy C., GA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Very good acceleration and handling."

Roger Z., WI (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Acceleration and handling are excellent for an off road oriented vehicle. The transmission is having roughness issues and based on what I've read online is a known problem with the torque converter."

Jeff H., TX (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Transmission shifts a little jerky at slow speeds"

Neil B., NC (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"308 hp v6 with 8 speed auto trans. Runs great with plenty of power."

Michael T., MO (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Great seats for a midsize truck but would really like full size seat that extends under the thigh to the knee. People are not getting smaller, but the seats keep getting thinner and shorter. The headrests are finally much better than ever."

Richard A., VA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Seats are mostly comfortable but would benefit from a longer seat bottom. I'm 5'11" and they are very short."

Jeff H., TX (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"To me Seats are very comfortable"

Anonymous, NY (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Quiet cabin and soft yet supportive seats. A roadtrip in this vehicle would be enjoyable."

Anonymous, IN (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"For all of my complaints with the Colorado's drive train, the interior appointments are its 180. Spacious where need be, seats that adjust for real human drivers & cockpit controls laid out in an orderly fashion, GM got this part of the 2018 Colorado completely correct. Noise levels within the cabin are within an acceptable range for a light-duty truck in this classification. Would like to see the passenger seat given greater attention in future model years."

Nancy C., GA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"It's very easy to get a comfortable driving position using the power seat controls."

Thomas T., PA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Seats are narrow and somewhat hard...haven't tried them in a long drive yet."

Anonymous, UT (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"I thought I was buying a truck. I did not expect it to behave like a quiet car, but it does."

Gus K., IL (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Rides very smooth and nice, seats are a little uncomfortable and need a lumbar support"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Nice quiet ride on smooth roads otherwise rides like a truck."

Thomas G., MA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"It’s a quiet and comfortable riding Truck on long trips."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Rides well for a truck, but the seats are a little stiff and seat depth is less than normal which decreases comfort."

Todd H., IA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"The Multimatic DSSV shocks on the ZR2 are very smooth and handle broken pavement with ease. I feel like I'm driving a cloud!"

Lane O., NM (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Stiff ride and hard, uncomfortable seats."

Anonymous, WA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Hard to get in and out. Not very comfortable."

Anonymous, WA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Too tight inside, horrible ride. Very hard seats, not enough adjustment available. Limited leg room in back. Overall, just a whole lot worse truck than my old 2002 S10"

Don N., MN (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"The drivers seat is old school annoying. Your not sitting directly behind wheel centered in seat. Need to scoot over all the time your sitting on the right edge."

Gregory T., MI (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"heated seats"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It's a damn nice truck for the money."

Anonymous, VA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Great price for the vehicle!!!"

Anonymous, NH (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"You get what you pay for. It's an OK ride for the money paid."

Vivian C., IL (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"It’s a Z71 truck, and has the truck features we were looking for. It gets great gas mileage, has great get up and go, and the styling and comfort are a lot better than we expected! This is my wife’s vehicle, and being short, she loves having the backup camera!"

Paul C., MI (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"I was very happy with the price I paid for my 2018 Colorado"

Roger Z., WI (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"great pickup - handling acceleration, fuel economy, ride is super. looks great"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Colorado ZR-2 has no safety features such as lane keep assist or rear cross traffic alert. These should be standard in a vehicle this expensive $45,000. Also, most interior plastics are cheap and hard."

Anonymous, UT (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"Good price value compared to others I shopped for."

Robert H., AZ (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)

"This is brand new truck. It's too early to say how reliable it is just yet as we've only had it for less than a month. But given the truck's styling, handling, and price, it was a great deal. Chevy trucks are not inexpensive, but we do not regret purchasing this truck at all."

James D., PA (2018 Chevrolet Colorado)
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