The Chevrolet Traverse can comfortably seat up to eight adults, while leaving good cargo space behind the third row. It rides pleasantly and handles surprisingly well, especially for its size. Drivers and passengers will appreciate the quiet cabin, comfortable seats and well-finished interior. Test results for the Traverse also apply to the GMC Acadia.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Went into default wouldn't go over 35 on interstate 500 mi from home"

ELLA B., IN (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Has great acceleration"

CHARLES M., MN (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Pauses on fast acceleration - similar to all the GMs I have tried. Ford does not have this issue."

LESLIE H., IL (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Considering the Traverse is a large vehicle, it handles wonderfully. My husband says it can turn on a dime! Parking is also easy with this car. The acceleration is good although we have thought it would be better with a larger engine."

Anonymous, TN (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very smooth driving, also very smooth acceleration"

Joseph D., NH (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I purchased this vehicle because 1) I fit in it and 2) it handles and rides very well for such a large vehicle. the acceleration adequate but that transmission fails to downshift quickly enough"

Ted G., AB (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"This has been an excellent SUV and we have put many miles on it, with no problems. Normal maintenance and tires are the only expenses that I have had on the Traverse with driving it over 100,000 miles."

Harry F., NJ (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"This vehicle handles much better than many large SUVs. It is comfortable for long trips, good for the family and hauling a moderate amount of stuff. Particularly with snow tires it drives amazingly well in the snow; better than another All-wheel drive vehicle that I've owned or driven."

Gladstein L., CT (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The ride and handling of the Traverse is very comfortable. Good acceleration and very responsive"

Jeanette T., NY (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)


Anonymous, NC (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"When you drive at or about 35 miles/hr with windows open, you hear a terrible sound inside the car. Sound goes away when windows are closed."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The ride is noisy- just a lot of noise from the outside of the car."

Anonymous, MO (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Not a comfortable ride in the drivers seat for a guy 6'2"/300#. Also, riding in the back seat gets my motion-sick daughter & wife sick"

Anonymous, IL (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"It is a big vehicle, but handles like a much smaller one. It has lots of room and the third row seats can actually accommodate a small adult comfortably."

ALLEN H., MD (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"climate control is a very poorly designed system and tends to 'blow you out of the car' most of the time."

Anonymous, FL (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Comfortable to drive, rides nice, seats are adjustable, etc. Good value. POOR gas mileage, would expect at least 22"

ALAN Z., MD (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"major issues occurred in the air conditioning system the past . Needed to replace actuators, more than once, compressor spending approx $4,500 over 4 episodes."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"noisy riding"

CAROL S., CO (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The third row seats offer enough room for small adults and children and are actually fairly comfortable. The third row is not great for long trips, but can accommodate two adults or three children."

Allen H., MD (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"They have heat and air, are leather and the adjustments are easy to operate."

Raymond H., SC (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Excellent ride! Seats are extremely comfortable and can be moved to suit your needs. Love the heat also. The noise is almost non-existent inside the vehicle. After all these years, its still a great ride!!!"

Anonymous, TN (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Very comfortable car to drive. Ride quality is excellant and the interior is roomy."

Alan Z., MD (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"The car was extremely quiet when purchased. As it ages and loosens up it is not quite as good but I am still pleased"

Dennis M., GA (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Loud, hard ride. Very uncomfortable in a very short time."

Richard S., TX (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Front seats are fantastic - comfortable, adjustable. Second row sit too low and not very adjustable. Third row are comfortable."

Albert Z., KY (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Value wise it is a little pricey"

ALAN Z., MD (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"I paid around $35,000 for the car new. I have had to replace the engine at 90,000 miles due to the bad timing chain they used (and for something that they should have covered when I brought the car in years before for the same problem) - I had to pay 9,000 - now I have paid 44,000 for the car. That didn't solve the problem, so next up is the rack and pinion, which after weeks of dealing with Chevy customer service, they covered. As soon as the car was fixed, they turned it on and said - same"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)

"Our Traverse has over 100,000 miles and has had no major repairs. It has been extremely reliable. We have only changed the oil, battery and tires."

MIKE M., TX (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Best looking SUV on the road. Very large capacity and seats 8 adults."

LESLIE H., IL (2010 Chevrolet Traverse)
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