The Volt is an electric car for drivers who don't want to be limited by battery range. It usually allows you to drive gas-free for 35 miles, however the exact number depends on weather and driving style. In our testing, it ranged from 20 to 50 miles. When the battery is depleted, a backup gasoline engine kicks in to keep the electric motor running. This allows you to keep driving for up to 315 more miles before refueling.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Visibility for the driver is poor. Windows are small, waistline is high, windshield pillars way too wide."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"I drive with my Volt in 'Low' to take advantage of the regenerative braking and to slow down without using the brakes. I think the disc brakes will last much longer that way. At the same time, I use 'Sport mode' so I can take off quickly to merge onto a freeway."

SOLHEIM K., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The performance with battery power is very good. And judicious use of "hold' mode on extended trips when I can maintain constant speed seems to stretch the battery range beyond the miles I mentioned"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"In ordinary traffic, it shoots forward swiftly and smoothly when asked to. Passengers almost always express surprise at its smooth and responsive acceleration. It corners very well for a front-wheel drive car."

P V., IL (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Surprised by great acceleration. Handling nice and tight. Good roads manners."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"It has problems on mountain slopes. The work arounds provided by the car are unsatisfactory. The fact that the battery doesn't charge when the gasoline engine is running is unsatisfactory. Requirement for using high octane gasoline seems bad design."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The handling is ok, but seems a bit sluggish when cornering more aggressively. The acceleration is good in the range of 15-35 mph, but otherwise is pretty ordinary at best."

DAVID C., TX (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"This car accelerates and handles better than any car I have owned."

CORY B., FL (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"good acceleration, battery life, comfort"

MARK E., TX (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Excellent driving. Nimble, steady, fast response ."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Quiet, instant acceptation, fun to drive!"

NATHAN F., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The EV driving experience is excellent as is acceleration in city traffic. I will never buy another car without a plug."

BILL T., TX (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The Volt is the most fun to drive of any car I've ever owned. It handles like a sports car. With the electric motor, the torque is always immediately available to accelerate, no need to wait for a downshift or for the engine to reach peak rpm's."

TERRY C., CO (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"torque response much more predictable than ICE vehicle."

BOB W., TX (2014 Chevrolet Volt)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"no electric seats and reline lever is impossible to use."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Very uncomfortable seat for tall drivers."

PAUL G., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The heater does not work at all in battery mode. The engine must be running to heat the car."

DAVID H., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Quiet as a car can be, and vastly more comfortable than your review would indicate. When encountering bumps in the road, it handles and rides like a much bigger car, and much better than its Toyota counterpart. And I feel sorry for anyone relying on your description of its 'anemic' heater. The gas motor kicks in on cold days and the typical Chevy heater will drive you out of the car."

P V., IL (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"No room in back seats for feet. There is no partition from interior of car to trunk area. Do not like having no spare tire. Had a flat and put in the can of stop leak aired it back up. When I took it to the tire shop it cost me a new tire because of the stop leak goo."

MICHAEL P., AR (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Interior is too cramped, and for the price, full leather would have improveded the value."

CHRISTOP R., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Love the car but hate the seats, which are painful on one's rear end and thighs. This applies to both average and overweight people."

NATHAN F., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"My husband is 5'9" and I am 5'1" both of us are uncomfortable in the seats and we drive another vehicle whenever possible. The poor sight lines make it difficult for me to drive as well."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Seats uncomfortable. Cramped for one us - over 6' tall."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The road noise is more pronounced in the Volt than in my previous vehicle which was a Prius. I expected a quieter ride in a vehicle at it's price level. This is the only area I have found the Volt to be less than perfect. That said, a little road noise is a small price to pay for the excellent mileage we achieve."

GARY K., OH (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Seats fine, climate control likewise, but there is a fair amount of road noise."

ANNETTE R., FL (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"There is absolutely no noise of any kind. Quietest car I ever owned. The electronics in climate control etc are the best I have ever seen."

GARY D., FL (2014 Chevrolet Volt)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I buy a couple of gallons of gas every 4 months."

DAVID T., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Horrendous resale value. How could a car so good lose so much of its value so quickly?"

CHRISTOPHER B., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"I cannot value a car that comes with abysmal customer service! I would not wish this car on anyone."

DAVID H., CA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The Volt is so economical to operate. 35 plus mpg on gas is also impressive for a car that weighs 4000 pounds without people and cargo."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"With 10,000 in tax credits and a lower price, was a great value compared to anything else I saw."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"The car was an excellent value when the various tax credits were figured in. I believe we paid around $23,000 net for the car, and at that price it was a great value."

DANIEL S., NY (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"I've had my Volt for nearly 3 years now. Have put almost 43K miles on it. I've had periods of up to 3 months/2500 miles between fillups. The car has exceeded my expectations in terms of fuel mileage. Lifetime mpge is currently 85.7. If I didn't use it on the road as often as I do, lifetime mileage would be much higher."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"Fun to drive on battery & gasoline electric generator. Handles great on twisty mountain roads & long distance highway drives. Comfortable in town & on the higheay for long trips."

BERNARD B., TX (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"This has to be the cheapest vehicle on the planet when considering features, operating expense, etc. Incredible value."

DAVID C., TX (2014 Chevrolet Volt)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The styling is peculiar but overall it a most practical car because of the fifth door."

JEAN-GEORGES L., QC (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

"For aerodynamic purposes the designers made some styling decisions that put function way before form."

CORY B., FL (2014 Chevrolet Volt)

Would you buy this car again?

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