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The C-Max is an appealing all-around package, combining the fuel efficiency of its standard hybrid powertrain with the practicality of a five-door hatchback design. Based on the Ford Focus, the C-Max packs an impressive amount of room and utility into a small footprint. Its tall stance and low entry height make for easy access. The cabin is airy and spacious.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“It's a tiger and is fun to drive”

KEVIN B., MD (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Great acceleleration in electric or gas mode on city streets or highway with easy handling.”

ART A., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Driving compared to my last Caddy Deville is more fun and better to use. Ease of entry, backup monitor & park assist are outstanding. Better than all other auto I tried before buying Cmax.”

Anonymous, OR (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“The C-Max can easily accelerate to merge with highway traffic and can easily maneuver to avoid possible collision situations.”

D Z., IL (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Acceleration is very good; much better than the 2007 Prius we used to have. Handling on ice and snow is good, also better than the Prius.”

PATRICK D., MN (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“The turning radius is very wide so it's tough to handle in tight spots.”

JOHN S., WA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Surprisingly good handling for a hybrid. I like small cars and I enjoy driving and this car is fun to drive. A Fiesta hybrid with shift would be even better.”

JERRY D., IL (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Around town I often get mileage in the 50s, yet the car provides plenty of power on demand. The vehicle provides good tools to help drive in a fuel efficient way.”

Anonymous, KS (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Acceleration and braking are very good. Handling for "inspired" driving is not great into the corners ... perhaps partially due to the stiff low rolling resistance stock tires.”

ALLEN W., CO (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Plenty of acceleration and horsepower when you need it, great fuel economy.”

CHARLES S., FL (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Very smooth acceleration when running on all electric.”

RICK G., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Very light in front,front tires spin easy when pulling out.Touchy brakes.”

MICHAEL T., PA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“With the electric motor and the 4 cylinder engine there is no lack of power in this vehicle. The Continuously Variable Transmission it is extremely smooth!”

JOHN R., MN (2014 Ford C-MAX)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“I am 6'4" tall and am pleased with the leg room, head room, and the ease of getting g in and out of it. The heated seats are a wonderful feature.”

DAVID O., NM (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Very comfortable driving for large man and plenty of head room in back seats yet small enough to easily park in congested city. . Wonderful visibility from all angles”

ART A., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Entry and exit is very easy.even in the back seat Front Seats are very conforable”

TONY O., FL (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“I love my C-MAX, but the suspension is a bit stiff.”

MARY S., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Very quiet. Also like the acceleration and handling.”

RICK G., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Comfortable seats good handling”

KENNETH P., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“great seats”

Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Seating is supportive and comfortable even on long trips (>1000km). Road noise is transferred to the cabin, and rough roads feel somewhat bumpy.”

JACK A., ON (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“The vehicle is very easy to enter and exit due to the high roofline, high seats, and location of the B pillar. Loading and unloading (we leave the rear seats folded) is similarly easy. Ours is a lease and we will likely lease another just like it, it's that good.”

Anonymous, WA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“It is very comfortable and quiet. Wonderful on trips. Great gas mileage. Good solid feel.”

RON A., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“When I test drove this vehicle I was very pleased with the way the vehicle drove and handled. I find it to be very comfortable with decent handling. I wanted a vehicle that got good mileage and was fun to drive. I'm happy with my choice. If it was stick I'd be even happier!”

JERRY D., IL (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Overall, the rides well, seats are comfortable, generous leg and headroom, mildly noisy. Climate control works well, controls are not well placed or designed.”

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Seats are not very comfortable for me. Others like them.”

Anonymous, MD (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Very comfortable and roomy for 2 6 foot tall adults. Climate control malfunctions and resets to different values than set to. usb port failed 2 times, strange noise emanates from behind computer console”

MERRITT P., NV (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“I am 6 foot, 3 inches. For a small car, it has a very comfortable amount of room for me and get visibility.”

ALLEN W., CO (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Problem front windshield fogs. Up at night inside .Noise at back suspension area.. My Ford touch problem not easy to use.Seats comfy great control and lumbar support.”

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“I have gotten better than expected mileage from the CMax. (42mpg) The Car rides very well and is much quieter than the 2014 Prius we test drove”

STEVEN S., GA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Ford advertised much higher mileage when I bought the car, but it was revised down after purchase. My mileage is lower than what I had anticipated.”

MICHAEL S., IL (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“great milage and comfortable ride”

Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Great gas mileage very reliable car”

KENNETH P., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“One of the best cars for the money. Would by one again. Superb mileage!”

LAURENCE E., TX (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“C-Max is great overall. Handling, acceleration, gas mileage, comfort, etc. I don't know why Ford doesn't advertise it more.”

NESTOR H., NY (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“overall- very good value for money,except for L. I. battery after just 20k miles is not holding a full charge! should charge 5,5 KwH's - is actually charging 4.1 - 5.1 KwH's! Charging is inconsistant. If this continues I will down grade my rating on the car.”

JOSEPH H., MD (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“With the government tax credit, the car cost about $30k fully loaded. Since I do a lot of short trips, I don't use much gas - my garage is my "gas (electric) station. I can get 3000 miles per gas tank. I regularly get 175 mpg. What's not to like?”

DAN N., MD (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“In the summer we average over 100 mpgs my wife has put gas in this car 9 times in 2 years”

CRAIG M., MI (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“I don't really consider myself "green" but I don't want throw money and gas away either. The c-max provides good value as well as being quite practical. Drive a hybrid efficiently requires a change in driving style in order to make the extra cost worthwhile.”

Anonymous, KS (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Purchased Dec 3, 2014 at a very discounted price plus Federal Tax Rebate. At that time electric, plug in electric and hybrid cars prices we're not selling well because of low gas prices. It has been a great car for us because we drive mostly in the EV mode.”

JOEL W., AL (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“love this vehicle. plug in hybrid is providing everything I wanted. just wish I could get more electric miles”

Anonymous, IL (2014 Ford C-MAX)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“agressive drivers do not give me any respect; they tailgate, they cut me off and do other things. When i drove a ford f150 they were more respectful....”

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“Smooth comfortable ride and easily accomodates 5 passengers with plenty of head room throughout. Great visibility”

ART A., CA (2014 Ford C-MAX)

“It's very cute and sharp looking and it's much roomier than it looks!”

PATRICIA L., WI (2014 Ford C-MAX)

Would you buy this car again?

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