The Edge is a car-based SUV with a 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is available, but the Ford crossover SUV doesn't offer a third-row seat. Ride is good and the powertrain is quite strong, but lacks refinement. The Edge isn't particularly agile, though its handling is ultimately secure. Interior fit and finish are unimpressive. IIHS crash-test results are commendable.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Great acceleration from the 3.5"

    Anonymous, MN (2008 Ford Edge)

    "has very good acceleration, very good handling manners"

    Charles W., NY (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Ace ration ok not great handling ok"

    Garry W., TX (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Great acceleration and handling"

    Kenneth L., AL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Steering is stiff and don't want to put more air in front tires."

    Charles M., DE (2008 Ford Edge)

    "the ride in the edge is stiff and the seat are short for me."

    Anonymous, WI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Great acceleration and handling overall."

    Anonymous, MA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "smoothe acceleration and plenti of power."

    Christopher T., FL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "More than meets my needs for local & highway driving."

    Michael N., FL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "good acceleration. Plenty of power when passing."

    Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford Edge)

    "acceleration is slightly weak"

    STEPHANI P., NV (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Over 150k miles and engine is still smooth and strong. Never had a single engine repair other than scheduled maintenance."

    Anonymous, MA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "It's quiet, rides very smooth and not like a truck. It accelerates very well and quiet when turned on waiting for a light or a drive thru. I forget it's on and in park. Comfortable seating and not too high to get into either and I'm 5' 6"."

    LORETTA S., NJ (2008 Ford Edge)

    "It ,has superb handling, very sporty"

    MAX J., TN (2008 Ford Edge)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say


    Anonymous, CA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "The cab is noisy"

    Gano C., FL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Very comfortable seats. Wider and Lower bolsters than in any new car which make it more comfortable. Relatively quiet engine. Comfortable ride overall."

    Anonymous, MA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Rather noisy ride. Reminds me of riding in an old truck in West Texas with the window partially down."

    Charles M., DE (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Extremly comfortable seats, tons og leg room in back seat. The interior is very quiet, and the ride is very smooth."

    Christopher T., FL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Seats comfortable and great visibility. Road noise a problem, especially with full sun roof."

    George S., GA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Spacious interior, comfortable seating. Handles nicely and offers a good ride"

    Anonymous, OH (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Very comfortable seats, heated, Bach Seay comfortable also"

    Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Road noise, particularly expansion strips are too noticeable."

    Anonymous, AZ (2008 Ford Edge)

    "The seats are very comfortable."

    Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Not a bad car, but a typical Ford. Not responsive. Lack acceleration and handling. To be expected. Over all the car has held up better than the 8 year younger RDX. Much better feature/price ration."

    Mark S., PA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Plenty of leg and head room"

    Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Comfortable seats, roomy interior, all around great car. When time for a newer vehicle, will be another Ford Edge."

    Anonymous, MI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "The comfort of this vehicle is excellent! It has such a pleasant feel and is so smooth, that you really have to keep on eye on the speedometer, because if you don't you'll be driving 10-15 miles over the speed limit without even realizing it!"

    LYNN R., OH (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Very comfortable and adjustable seats, steering wheel and overall comfortable ride"

    MICHAEL S., CA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "back seats give a lot of room for tall passengers."

    DEREK K., CA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "AC works good for the passenger but I like it cold when I drive and for me to get the temp I like the passenger needs to have a blanket."

    CAREY W., AL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "i got the vehicle at about 40% off and it's a beautiful ride. I just love the vehicle never had a problem with it."

    SHEILA C., VA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Seats are comfortable- it seems kind of noisy-"

    Anonymous, IN (2008 Ford Edge)

    "seats could be more comfortable"

    STEPHANI P., NV (2008 Ford Edge)

    "It is not as quiet as we would like for a top of line model, especially road noise. The seats themselves are very comfortable."

    DAVID B., AZ (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Long trips are very comfortable. The climate control is little to be desired. The AC has never really given a Max setting for us."

    Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford Edge)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Best car I have ever owned. This was my 15th Ford. I will buy the Edge for my next car"

    Anonymous, NH (2008 Ford Edge)

    "I have my edge since 2008 and have put 127000 Miles on it. Repairs have been minimal other than Routine maintenance such as brakes, tires and a CV joint."

    Larry S., MD (2008 Ford Edge)

    "the edge has been very dependable, with very little problems."

    Anonymous, WI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Veichle is 10 years old, one $260 dollar repair. Very good value versus price paid. Runs great, solid safe vehicle."

    Michael N., FL (2008 Ford Edge)

    "zero interest financing, decent mileage, feel it is a safe vehicle"

    George S., GA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Very reliable, trouble free, low maintenance although gas mileage is disappointing ."

    Anonymous, MI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "I bought 3rd hand form a neighbor. She gave me a great price and it has been all that I could want--and then some."

    J D., MI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "great price."

    DEREK K., CA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Great car, seats very comfortable, great ride,love the Sync system, great car for long trips and has been maintain free"

    RICHARD D., SC (2008 Ford Edge)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Love the whole body but back is favorite."

    SHEILA C., VA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "I love the styling inside and out. However I lose things in the black interior I only find when parked outside on a sunny day. My next car will have a light interior. The side view mirrors feel like they are obstructing my view of things to the front/side if the vehicle and might be better with a different size, shape or physical placement."

    PAMELA H., MI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "The only negative is trying to see when cornering or changing lanes that is partly blocked by the thick "A" pillars and side mirror. ALL the rest of the styling suites me to a "T"......"

    J D., MI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Good lines, no blind spots, solid ride."

    Anonymous, MI (2008 Ford Edge)

    "The framing around the entertainment sys is too shiny and the sun reflects off it in a bad way. The carpet on the passenger side comes loose from under the door threshold and refuses to stay fixed. Those are the only two items that bother me."

    KENNETH-DIANE B., CA (2008 Ford Edge)

    "Nice looking vechicle inside and out, just wish it had a little more room. Little cramped for my style."

    MARGIE D., NC (2008 Ford Edge)
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