2006 Ford Expedition Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
The Expedition is generally well designed. It has a spacious and comfortable interior, a steady ride, flexible seating and a roomy third-row seat. However, the vehicle's 5,900-pounds of heft results in leisurely acceleration and abysmal fuel economy.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"LOTS of power. Small turning radius. Even though the size of a pickup truck I find it easier to turn and back up than a car."

Patricia N., NY (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Good acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Ford Expedition)

"The Ford has had excellent long distance drives and handles well in cold, snowy weather. The engine is loud and labors when pushed. Handling is a workout in traffic and parking."

Gordon B., NC (2006 Ford Expedition)

"The 5.4 engine provides all the acceleration needed in a pinch. I think it handles perfectly and we feel safe in it."

Raymond J., FL (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Very good and reliable acceleration"

JENNIFER H., TX (2006 Ford Expedition)

"It's a beast. I live in a very hilly area with ice/snow and this can and does go everywhere. I have never been stuck and quite often pull people out of ditches. It has a smaller turning radius than a lot of cars which I love."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Expedition sounds like a truck when you accelerate:) drives like it too, you feel the road....every bump etc....like their trucks"

ARIANE S., CO (2006 Ford Expedition)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"nice ride doesn't seem like a truck."

Jonathon B., OH (2006 Ford Expedition)

"My model is plagued with rust issues on front hood, rear lift gate panel, and under carriage."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Ford Expedition)

"It is a solid and firm riding truck. It provides adequate feedback to let you know what is happening but it is quite and comfortable for long drives. The seats are firm and supportive and allow for long drives without getting excessively tired."

Don R., MI (2006 Ford Expedition)

"This SUV is quiet, the ride is very comfortable. The seats are comfortable for a long trip. No back aches"

Raymond J., FL (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Although thirsty, very comfortable on a trip. Used this vehicle rather than the other 2 I own. roomy and quiet."

ANDRE A., RI (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Biggest disappointment is the AM Radio reception which crackles and fades quickly when not in the broadcasting sweet spot. FM works fine."

GORDON B., NC (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Could be more comfortable if it had more head room and leg room. They don't manufacture a vehicle for an extra tall person."

Anonymous, CO (2006 Ford Expedition)

"This is the only vehicle I have encountered that has heated AND cooled (yes, A/C not just blowing air) ventilated front seats. This is quite a positive comfort factor on both cold and hot days."

RICHARD R., OR (2006 Ford Expedition)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The truck has provided good solid transportation in good weather and bad. It is an excellent towing vehicle for light as well as long heavy trailers. It has been trouble free and dependable for me and my family who also use the vehicle, for the 12 years I have owned it."

Don R., MI (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Well worth the price for this rugged vehicle"

Anonymous, NH (2006 Ford Expedition)

"This Expedition XLT is a basic model which has been consistently dependable. Accelerates fast, power to spare. Low Gas mileage was a known factor going into purchase. Feel value for price paid is exceptional."

Anonymous, LA (2006 Ford Expedition)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"We bought this on a government surplus auction and we're thrilled to get a vehicle with a vinyl floor. Why don't manufacturers offer vinyl flooring any more for 4WDs?"

Anonymous, NE (2006 Ford Expedition)

"Styling has not changed very much over the years so I have not seen a need to update just to update!"

Anonymous, ND (2006 Ford Expedition)
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