Ford's Expedition EL is a huge SUV capable of carrying nine passengers, their luggage and still tow a heavy trailer. For the most part, the EL succeeds. It has a roomy third-row seat, it handles reasonably well, and it accelerates strongly while towing our 5,000-pound test trailer. However, the Expedition's ride is stiff, it gets low fuel economy and the engine frequently sounds coarse and strained.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Impressively nimble, doesn't "roll" in turns."

J S., TX (2012 Ford Expedition)

"It behaves like a good powerful car should on the high ways and turnpikes. It is our go-to transportation for any vacation."

FRANCISCO C., MD (2012 Ford Expedition)

"This is a great utilitarian vehicle that gets reasonable mileage for a heavy vehicle, can tow anything I have to move, turns on a dime, and is more comfortable on a trip than my Lincolns."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Expedition)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Displays hard to read Settings drop and have to be reset Motor for rear a/c control not reliable A/c cools rapidly Seat adjustability good"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Expedition)

"the ride is not smooth. the rig pitches as it runs over any un even surface"

RONALD O., WA (2012 Ford Expedition)

"Pretty comfy for a big RV. It is a little noisy on the road but so are the competitors. The King Ranch bucket seats are great."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Expedition)


ROBERT Z., VA (2012 Ford Expedition)

"I liked the feel of solidity and the roominess around the seats. I found it easy to drive--all of the controls were in good locations. Arm rests gave it the feel of riding with a captain's chair."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Ford Expedition)

"Amazingly comfortable and quiet. Have gotten numerous compliments."

J S., TX (2012 Ford Expedition)


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Would you buy this car again?

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