Although they're showing their age, the Explorer and its more luxurious cousin, the Mercury Mountaineer, are still competitive. They're roomy, and cargo space is especially generous with the rear seat folded down. Handling is sound, and the brakes are competent. But the ride is stiff and choppy on bumpy roads and busy on smooth roads.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Not bad for what basically is a truck. Still has no problem with normal use or carrying a large load,ie.bags of soil or larger purchases."

Anonymous, OH (2000 Ford Explorer)

"drives well"

Anonymous, CO (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Saved our lives when another driver collided with us on the Capital Beltway."

Anonymous, MD (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Plenty of power for the mountains of Arizona."

Anonymous, AZ (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Drives like a truck. Hard turn the wheel."

Anonymous, PA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Handles well in snow and ice"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Great acceleration but handling, well, it's a top heavy SUV."

Anonymous, WA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"The acceleration provided by the 4.0L V6 engine is more than adequate for everyday driving, but the steering and body roll make for rather sloppy cornering. Braking feel and effectiveness are competent for a vehicle of this size and weight."

John A., WI (2000 Ford Explorer)

"LOVE Ford Explorers; this is my second one. Responds really quickly to putting my foot on the gas or brakes. Tight turns which I love. A real work horse, goes wherever I need it to go. Almost at 300k miles. Love this car!"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Acceleration is strong and handling is good for that type of vehicle."

Alex V., PR (2000 Ford Explorer)


Anonymous, MA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Acceleration is strong, ride not as cushioned."

Gene S., MN (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Good cushy ride quality. Acceleration is great especially giving price of the vehicle. Still have everything working nice and sound."

Anonymous, AR (2000 Ford Explorer)

"For a 6 cylinder this car does really well when it comes to traveling. I am able to pull a small trailer quite easily and it handles really well."

Anonymous, UT (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Acceleration on hills very slow"

MIKE D., CO (2000 Ford Explorer)

"The acceleration isn't very good with the air conditioning on."

Anonymous, IA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Has lasted and has been a good vehicle"

JAMES R., OR (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Good: pulls a heavy load. Average acceleration. Bad: Handles like an SUV (go figure)."

Anonymous, PA (2000 Ford Explorer)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Good support for a tall driver with plenty of leg room and lots of seat adjustment."

John Y., SC (2000 Ford Explorer)

"It's an SUV. It's not meant to be a cush ride but honestly, it's pretty comfortable. Cabin noise is pretty loud though"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"The ride is very jarring. It feels as though I am driving a commercial truck. There is a lot of road noise. The seats are comfortable enough for most trips, but I would like to have head rests or at least seat backs that are high enough to protect against whip lash."

John A., WI (2000 Ford Explorer)

"It has a lousy ride, feels like a truck. In fact, a 1987 F-150 we used to have rode better than this vehicle. Doesn't take bumps well."

Bob H., OR (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Reasonably good"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Seats are not soft enough. Rides like a truck."

Anonymous, PA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"A little rough, but veichle is 17 yrs old and has served us well as both a primary and now secondary vehicle. Now used for hauling large loads."

Anonymous, OH (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Very good utility for hauling incidental large items"

Anonymous, TX (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Seat comfort, especially thigh sup[port."

Elliot R., WA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"You can hear road noise and the suspension is tight, meaning you feel most of the bumps in the road."

DEAN H., IL (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Newer Explorers are better riding."

FRANCIS C., NY (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Very hard to get into and out of."

Anonymous, LA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"The ride is very poor even after $600 for new shocks. The front bucket seats are not comfortable on a long trip."

Anonymous, IA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Tjhe heater won't work until the temperature control is turned up to 82F. Unable to control properly. Unable to repair."

BOB H., OR (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Driver's seat will not go far enough back to allow me to comfortably fit. This has always been the case."

STAN K., MI (2000 Ford Explorer)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Has 185,000 miles and still going. Still runs great, plenty of power, the air conditioner works great, has an upgraded sound system from the factory and it still sounds great. its had very few problems over all these years, all easily fixed by owner. The only time its been in the shop is for recalls and consumables(brakes, oil changes, etc..)."

Anonymous, AZ (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Strong and powerful engine, very good automatic transmission."

Alex V., PR (2000 Ford Explorer)

"bought at a good price from dealer but they tried to add a lot of after market items. Car has had many problems since new: ABS system was not repaired properly during warranty after 2 tries; ended up paying for new wiring harness myself. Endless regular, ABS and emergency brake problems. Body perforated with rust at rear doors. Door locks all failed for various reasons including where passenger could not exit! Not enough heat in even moderate winter cold. Tachometer defective. Expensive to mai..."

Anonymous, NJ (2000 Ford Explorer)

"This car was a fantastic value. It still looks good and runs great."

STAN K., MI (2000 Ford Explorer)

"The vehicle was purchased used, with about 100,000 miles on it. Mileage is now 242,000. Repairs are less than expected."

Anonymous, MI (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Bought for trade in value 7 years ago. Have jhad minimal issues"

JACK S., MD (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Bought it used from a private party in 2012 for mid $3500s. Is been great except for some plastic engine parts that have broken. Car rides great getting 17.5 MPG around town and 22 on highway."

BILL R., CA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"Pull a very heavy load over very long distances. V8 has good pulling power and still gets reasonable fuel mileage."

Anonymous, PA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"At 160,000 miles, we've had no major repairs beyond normal maintenance issues."

ROBERT V., CO (2000 Ford Explorer)

"My Explorer has the HO 5.0 V8 with Subaru all wheel drive. I wish that combination was still available."

WILLIAM B., CT (2000 Ford Explorer)

"I purchased this used with high mileage 166,000 miles. It has been as reliable as a car with this much mileage could be. I use it mostly to deliver mail, it now has 200,000 and with an oil change every 3,000 miles it doesn't take a quart."

RACHEL S., VA (2000 Ford Explorer)

"I would not pay the price to buy a new car. I also would not buy a later model Ford Explorer since they've turned them into cars for "soccer Moms" not real 4WD cars for rugged country (like where we live). I bought this car used in about 2006 from a private party. I was looking at a new Toyota but reluctant to pay the price when my son invited me to go with him looking for a used car. Suddenly it occurred to me that I should buy this car. I had to go back and drive it to be sure---only our son"

LINDA C., NV (2000 Ford Explorer)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Clean lines, has held up extremely well over all these years."

THEODORE A., CA (2000 Ford Explorer)
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