This version of Ford Explorer's refinement and handling didn't match that of its newer car-based competitors. A mild freshening brought some improvements -- and created new annoyances. Ride comfort, noise suppression, and interior fit and finish were behind the times. On the plus side, the interior is roomy and flexible, and towing capability is strong. Curtain airbags are standard. 
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This car just drives awful. Very jerky and can make anyone feel sick to their stomach"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Ford Explorer)

"We purchased this vehicle primarily for off road "exploring". Our first Explorer was a '93 and was a real off road vehicle. This 2010 4 wheel drive is no where near the vehicle that our old one was. Ford has really "citified" this SUV, much to our dismay."

Robert B., AZ (2010 Ford Explorer)

"It is a gas hog. When we accelerate, especially in the summer, the Air Conditioner clicks off until we reach the desired speed. Then it comes back on."

Anonymous, IA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"It has good ride and handling."

Anonymous, OR (2010 Ford Explorer)

"We have 79,000 miles on this vehicle now, with minimal issues. Very pleased overall. We bought this 2010 with the HD tow package soon after the 2011 automobile-based Explorers were introduced, as this was the last year for truck-chassis based Explorers. I preferred the rugged underpinnings of the 2010, as we recreationally drive on a lot of the 26,000 miles of "forest roads" in Idaho, just exploring old ghost towns and just generally dinging around in the forest and desert. We replaced the"

GLENN W., ID (2010 Ford Explorer)

"It accelerates beautifully!"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"East handling."

RICHARD C., FL (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Because the drive shaft broke in half due to no other problems except faulty workmanship we could not drive it for a year. Unacceptable."

Anonymous, WV (2010 Ford Explorer)

"This vehicle has a V8 engine. On a two week trip through mostly mountains with four adults and luggage it never felt taxed and gave over 21 mph in the mountains."

JOHN M., IL (2010 Ford Explorer)

"it is smooth"

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Great car to drive and has very good accelaeration (have V8). Car is comfortable and have had no problems. Handling is good for large heavy car."

Anonymous, TN (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Accelerates very well; handles very easily."

Anonymous, SC (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Very nimble in city driving and comfortable on long hghway drives. In four wheel drive,low range, I have NEVER been stuck."

Anonymous, CT (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Handles well for a large SUV."

Robert M., PA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Can quickly accelerate to pass or avoid problems with other vehicles"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"This car has been great for me. I have had little or no problems since I bought it."

Anonymous, SC (2010 Ford Explorer)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Horrible whining noise from windshield when temps at or above 99 degrees and driving at or above 60 MPH. Dealer has tried fixing three times with no luck."

Joe C., TX (2010 Ford Explorer)

"all in all this has been an excellent vehicle"

Anonymous, AK (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Head rests way too forward for comfort. Minimal locations for things like phone. Tissue dispenser inside console, not easily accessed. My 1999 Explorer was much more driver friendly."

ANN E., OR (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Comfortable, adjustable, heated."

RICHARD C., FL (2010 Ford Explorer)

"The seats are very comfortable. I like the feel and the fact that they are heated. I like dual climate controls for the front seat passengers."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"The seats are very hard and uncomfortable. The interior noise is very loud and comes from poor interior insulation. The car noise comes from wind and road noise. The engine noise does not enter to the interior. The ride is harder then some trucks that I have driven. The overall service is second to none. No repairs of any kind so far. Most of the problem is with the damn crooked dealer. Chestee Ford here in GA"

FREDERICK F., GA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"I've owned several Fords. They've all had fantastic A/C's. We live in the desert outside of Phoenix and that's important! The A/C in our 2010 is better than any other vehicle we've owned. THANKS FORD!!!"

ROBERT B., AZ (2010 Ford Explorer)

"We have had to have the climate control repaired twice in the last year."

JOE C., TX (2010 Ford Explorer)

"The inside front door trip that houses the handle to open the door sticks out too much and knees hits side panel--too narrow"

Anonymous, MD (2010 Ford Explorer)

"It is eight years old but still comfortable."

Ronald G., CO (2010 Ford Explorer)

"The head rest is angled too far forward. I like to sit up quite strait and if I do, the headrest forces my head down on my chin. The storage cubbies are too small and poorly placed. The tissue dispenser is inside the console--difficult to reach while driving. My 1999 Explorer was much more user friendly."

Ann E., OR (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Driver's seat comfortable with lumbar support and electric controlled. The ride is quite comfortable. It always sounds like a window is not closed tight! Would like less noise."

Maureen C., OR (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Seat supports lower back."

Robert M., PA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"The headrests are positioned wrong for comfort. They make my neck and back hurt. I have since had the headrests removed in the front seats. Now much better."

Anonymous, DE (2010 Ford Explorer)

"multi-position seat adjustment, comfortable highway ride"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Car is very comfortable; able to accommodate mine and my husband's body types. Seats are cushioned just right. Engine is fairly quiet. Rides smoothly."

Anonymous, SC (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Rides like a car and handles well Seats are leather and heated - leather not wearing well"

Anonymous, OH (2010 Ford Explorer)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great versatile car. While it is not the best for a large family, it is great for around town, travel and going into the woods. It's versatility is perfect for my lifestyle."

NANCY M., AL (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Like the power of V-8. The driving stability is great, too. n I got talked into buying this "loaded" Explorer. It came with a third seat that I DIDN'T want. It takes up space that I could have used for under-floor storage. It also has a sunroof that I never use. The voice controls on the phone are terrible. In hindsight, I shouldn't have bit on this deal for this particular car. I'd have to stuck to one without that rear seat and the other bells & whistles. Should have kept my 2002 Expl"

KARL P., TN (2010 Ford Explorer)

"I bought this car used from dealership for a very good price, so it has been a great value for that price."

MICHAEL K., DC (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Exceptionally clean, enormous enterior size and love the color."

JACK Z., WV (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Always buy cars used - 2-4 yrs old with low mileage in good to excellent shape. That makes it much less expensive than new and almost always an excellent value!! I love the way Fords handle, there close turning range, the comfort of the interior. I have driven Chevys, GMC, Alfas, but Fords stand out in performance and comfort."

KATHLEEN R., TX (2010 Ford Explorer)

"There i nothing available today that compares with the price, load carrying and towing capacity. This vehicle is small on the outside and large on the inside."

Anonymous, CT (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Great value because I have never had anything go wrong with it. It has never been in the shop!"

Ronald G., CO (2010 Ford Explorer)

"Was comparing it to Toyota Highlander and got more car for $6,000 less in 2010."

Anonymous, TN (2010 Ford Explorer)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very good looking vehicle. I wish it could get better mileage per gallon of gas."

Anonymous, OR (2010 Ford Explorer)

"After 6 years & over 67000 mile it still looks good"

Anonymous, AK (2010 Ford Explorer)

Would you buy this car again?

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