The F-150's handling is sound and the cabin is roomy, but the ride isn't that good and the noisy engine strains under acceleration. Uncomfortable seats further detract from the driving experience. Electronic stability control (ESC), full-time four-wheel drive and curtain airbags are all lacking. (Only the Harley-Davidson version has AWD.) 
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Great power. Gets up and goes without hesitation. Great looking truck"

Anonymous, CO (2007 Ford F-150)

"It has good acceleration and handles well. Cruise control is easy to use. I enjoy driving this truck."

Robert H., AR (2007 Ford F-150)

"Has good pick up and handles well."

Anonymous, MI (2007 Ford F-150)

"It handles better than any other truck I've driven. It feels like a sports car compared with older trucks I've driven."

Jim T., WA (2007 Ford F-150)

"The truck has a good handling and ride, it has been a work horse for me."

Marvin B., OH (2007 Ford F-150)

"Acceleration, it's a 5.4l"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Still has fairly tight handling and decent acceleration."

Michael K., AB (2007 Ford F-150)

"Incredible pickup and go in traffic. Handles very well for a 4 wheel drive pickup truck."

Anonymous, MI (2007 Ford F-150)

"Although Ford has abandoned the V-8 engine in this truck, in favor of more fuel-efficient designs, this engine has proved to be extremely durable and reliable, and provides all the power needed. It easily reaches 90 plus miles per hour so passing other vehicles can be done quickly, which means safely. The backup alarms are a good safety feature and they are trustworthy. The suspension is firm, as expected in a four-wheel-drive truck, but expressway driving is as comfortable as a passenger car."

F R., WA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Solid performance."

Ken J., NE (2007 Ford F-150)

"pull our 28 foot camper every where with no problems."

Anonymous, MA (2007 Ford F-150)

"It accelerates very well for a large truck and it has plenty of power. It handles well for a large vehicle."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Ford F-150)

"Like the feel or ride and handling."

Norma E., KY (2007 Ford F-150)

"Very comfortable to ride in."

S M., SC (2007 Ford F-150)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The driver's seat is comfortable, and it's not noisy inside"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Front seats are very comfortable with adjustable lumbar support. I have the extended cab (not crew cab) & everyone that rides back there comments on how comfortable it is."

Pamela B., FL (2007 Ford F-150)

"The seats are very comfortable and adjust just enough for the average person. This truck is the quietest I have driven when compared to the Dodge and Chevy. And most cars for that matter."

Michael P., TX (2007 Ford F-150)

"Excellent ergonomic design of seats; high platform and lots of glass give excellent view of traffic and surroundings; soundproofing provides silent cab."

F R., WA (2007 Ford F-150)

"It's more comfortable than other pickups I have driven. It feels more like a car."

Jim T., WA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Very comfortable leather captain's chairs with power adjustment, heat etc (King Ranch)"

Anonymous, SC (2007 Ford F-150)

"Luxury ride. Very smooth. Seats comfortable."

Susan R., SC (2007 Ford F-150)

"Seats are very comfortable on long rides with good lower back support. Ride is comfortable and very quiet."

Anonymous, AB (2007 Ford F-150)

"While not sound proof, the cab is quiet with no squeaks or whistle. The two front seats have enough adjustments that they are very comfortable over long drives"

Anonymous, AB (2007 Ford F-150)

"Good comfort and ride low noise level"

Raymond L., PA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Noisy and rattly."

Michael K., AB (2007 Ford F-150)

"Great ride, even with almost 170,000 miles. Quite inside the truck and a great Bose sound system."

David M., GA (2007 Ford F-150)

"My F-150 has very comfortable seats, has a quiet cab and gives a very smooth ride. I always feel safe and comfortable in my truck in all driving environments!"

Charles J., AR (2007 Ford F-150)

"I received a super good deal originally when purchasing the F-150. It rides well, has had no problems and meets my needs for transportation hauling and plowing snow."

Charles R., VA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Solid road feel, corners well"

Anonymous, MI (2007 Ford F-150)

"Seat are stiff and not comfortable"

Bruce K., OH (2007 Ford F-150)

"This 10-year-old F-150 is still a joy to drive down the road. It is a King Ranch model, which has saddle-leather seats. Those require occasional application of a leather balm, but they are very rugged."

John M., TX (2007 Ford F-150)

"Excellent ride quality and very low cabin noise."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Ford F-150)

"The seats are very comfortable"

William S., GA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Big comfy leather seats."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Ford F-150)

"seats get very hard on long trips"

Anonymous, OK (2007 Ford F-150)

"The seats are comfortable to my back on long and short drives. Ride is great, I think my window visors are my reason for some outside wind noise ; yet I prefer visors so I can leave windows cracked so heat does not build up inside."

Charles F., AL (2007 Ford F-150)

"Lots of road noise maybe from the tires. This is a base model Xl so maybe that's nitpicking."

Terry S., OH (2007 Ford F-150)

"The truck is very quiet and comfortable to ride in as a truck. Of course, since it is an Off the Road vehicle, it has stiff springs thus making it a bit rough on roads that are not very very smooth."

Anonymous, WV (2007 Ford F-150)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great purchase price. Dependable. Low State registration taxes grandfathered in. Free oil change for life. But it is a work pickup, and rides like a low end pickup. But very economical. Good trade-off."

Anonymous, IA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Very few major problems. Frame rusted. Rear shocks need replaced. Front steering rack needed replaced. Still going strong."

Donald W., PA (2007 Ford F-150)

"It is a very basic truck, but has every thing that I need in this type vehicle. New price was outstanding."

Monte S., GA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Ours has been bulletproof for eleven years and counting."

Anonymous, SC (2007 Ford F-150)

"I have owned this F-150 for 11 years and people still ask me if it is new. It looks great inside & out and rides great even though I have always pulled a fifth wheel or travel trailer and it carries both a kayak and a canoe and I take it on very rough roads to go paddling."

Pamela B., FL (2007 Ford F-150)

"It has been a great truck for 11 years and still looks as good as the day I bought it."

Michael A., OK (2007 Ford F-150)

"It only cost about $19,000 new!"

Charles R., VA (2007 Ford F-150)

"Has serious rust issues under carriage should be better rust proofed"

Raymond L., PA (2007 Ford F-150)

"I have had my F-150 for 11 years now and have had no major issues with it after driving over 117,000 miles on inter-state and rural roads. I get decent gas mileage (17mpg combined) for a truck and have hauled lots of cargo over the years. I hope to get several more years out of this workhorse!"

Charles J., AR (2007 Ford F-150)

"It's a GOOD truck! In eleven years of driving this truck, I have had only one problem - a bad alternator which was repaired under the original warranty. The truck runs good, rides good and has good acceleration. No problems with the four wheel drive which works well when I need it."

Robert H., AR (2007 Ford F-150)

"worth every penny"

Anonymous, MA (2007 Ford F-150)

"It just keeps on running, doesn't burn oil and extremely reliable."

Anonymous, ID (2007 Ford F-150)

"Factory ordered. Met all needs but transmission was poor in shifting and had to bve replace at 65000. Tires were to be winter but did not meet requirements for BC. Trailer tow package was less than expected as mirrors did not allow view for pulling travel trailer or most other trailers."

A A., BC (2007 Ford F-150)

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