The F-150's handling is sound and the cabin is roomy, but the ride isn't that good and the noisy engine strains under acceleration. Uncomfortable seats further detract from the driving experience. Electronic stability control (ESC), full-time four-wheel drive and curtain airbags are all lacking. (Only the Harley-Davidson version has AWD.) 
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"We use the truck for pulling a 7000 pound trailer and it has plenty of power"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Ford F-150)

"The 4 wheel drive feature is good for driving logging roads and the V8 engine is good for entering highways."

Mike P., BC (2008 Ford F-150)

"Turning radius is poor but drives well"

Jason S., AL (2008 Ford F-150)

"Very responsive acceleration and corners well for a big passenger truck"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Ford F-150)

"The truck has very good acceleration. It handles very well"

M C., MI (2008 Ford F-150)

"Good handling and acceleration."

Kevin D., PA (2008 Ford F-150)

"for a truck the accelerations is good the truck is hard to park"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"It is very responsive. It gets up and goes, and it drives great. Reliable vehicle."

Matt A., UT (2008 Ford F-150)


Larry D., NM (2008 Ford F-150)

"Acceleration and are very good"

Anonymous, SK (2008 Ford F-150)

"It has a V-8 so acceleration is good. Handles well considering it is a truck (like a large sedan)."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"Same as previous comment"

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford F-150)

"It has all the power you need and even with the mileage still has the pickup you need and the handling is still tight."

Michael H., IN (2008 Ford F-150)

"With a 5.4 liter Triton engine, this truck has some serious 'get up and go.' Passing is a breeze. It handles well too."

Alan L., ME (2008 Ford F-150)

"felex ability for many uses"

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Ford F-150)

"Absolutely adequate all around. Very satisfied with everything about the truck."

Wall M., TN (2008 Ford F-150)

"Quick acceleration when passing"

Randy M., MO (2008 Ford F-150)

"The acceleration is fine for an average driver. I like to ACCELERATE AND DRIVE VERY FAST ! Therefore the 4.6 litre , V8 is inadequate . I would prefer a good old fashioned 429 C. I. V8 With a turbo charger for my street driving . I am 69 . I lost my license last year for speeding . [ I have reaquired my license .]"

Gary B., IA (2008 Ford F-150)

"Handling is a bit sluggish, and it is a bear to turn into a parking place- takes a couple of back and forth. I typically search for a Drive Thru in a double parking row. The accelerator is slightly higher than the brake petal; can be dicey in a quick stop and dangerous in an emergency. Ford dealer says there is no remedy."

Jesse H., TN (2008 Ford F-150)


Anonymous, MT (2008 Ford F-150)

"It is pretty reliable accelerating and handling despite its manual transmission -- kind of a fun drive"

Susan P., IL (2008 Ford F-150)

"Works like a truck"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-150)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"most comfotable seats we tested in 2008"

Anonymous, KS (2008 Ford F-150)

"Trucks are more rough and tough than automobile! So rough roads are rough!"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Ford F-150)

"the truck rides very nice- like a car ride."

M C., MI (2008 Ford F-150)

"center console too wide, cramps knee room"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Ford F-150)

"passenger seat not as comfortable as driver"s and not enough adjustment."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"set up high is nice noise is good with windows up the ride rought on bad roads"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"The truck is a joy to drive. I like the height of the seating; the cab is quiet; and the fuel mileage is good."

W R., OH (2008 Ford F-150)

"This is the most uncomfortable truck I've ever own. The seats are not comfortable. The ride is stiff to the point that if you hit a big bump in a slight turn the truck will jump sideways. The electronics are a joke. I had to have a wire bundle under the seat replaced because the gas gauge started acting up. The electronic outside temperature gauge seldom accurately displays the temperature and unfortunately this affects the electronic climate control system (if it's hot outside but the displayed OAT shows cold it will turn on the heat and the same if it's shows hot when it's really cold). Now, according to the display, no matter which direction I go I'm always going north. This is just an incredibly poorly built vehicle. I also have a 1999 F-150 that I like much better than the 08 and my next truck will definitely not be a Ford."

John L., LA (2008 Ford F-150)

"confortable sage quite ride"

Richard B., NJ (2008 Ford F-150)

"Truck rides like a car. Smooth, quiet, great acceleration, and very good handling"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Ford F-150)

"The ride is so smooth."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-150)


Larry D., NM (2008 Ford F-150)

"Good support, controls easy to use."

Kevin D., PA (2008 Ford F-150)

"Comfortable seats, low road noise"

Anonymous, SK (2008 Ford F-150)

"This truck rides very smoothly and has comfortable seating. My first impression driving it was that it felt more like a car than a truck."

Alan L., ME (2008 Ford F-150)

"Seats are good road is low"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Ford F-150)

"The seats are big and spacious."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Ford F-150)

"has held up well, center console coming apart"

Patrick K., TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"I have the King Ranch package with the saddle leather option. The seats are solid and comfortable. The ride comfortable with minimal road noise."

Anonymous, GA (2008 Ford F-150)

"Best riding vehicle I have owned. Almost 10 years old and it still rides great."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-150)

"Very quiet and comfortable."

Darrel M., NC (2008 Ford F-150)

"Trouble free"

Gary M., CA (2008 Ford F-150)

"Great vehicle on all fronts. Power when pulling a trailer, even a smaller one, could be better along with gas mileage but is ok as is."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford F-150)

"Seats are uncomfortable after a few hours on a long ride. It's a King Ranch; the seats are beautiful and should be equally comfortable."

John S., NH (2008 Ford F-150)

"Seating is multi adjustable and comfortable for longer distance travel. The cabin is generally quiet but could be improved. The ride is good and generally smoothe"

Anonymous, AK (2008 Ford F-150)

"The noise, vans are noisy."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Ford F-150)

"Excellent noise level."

Gary M., SK (2008 Ford F-150)

"Noise too high but quiet for a truck I suppose. Driver seat on long trips becomes uncomfortable, but I have had back surgery so I need to be fair on that. Ride is very smooth for a truck, especially after 9 years."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"Comfortable seating."

James P., IN (2008 Ford F-150)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Price, no issues ever, paint still looks excellent after sitting out for 10 years."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"I paid less than $16000 for my truck purchased new. New trucks these days cost 2 or 3 times that."

C E., ME (2008 Ford F-150)

"I paid $15,500 for the truck brand new. That is the best deal I have ever made on a vehicle purchase."

Gene R., TN (2008 Ford F-150)

"I Use it less but have had more problems. Radio out, headlights break little annoying things"

Anonymous, VA (2008 Ford F-150)

"Has been a faithful truck but then again I take care in on time oil changes and other routine care."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-150)

"I had a heavy boat with a tandem wheel trailer and the F-150 pulled it easily."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"Dependable and low maintenance"

Anonymous, OR (2008 Ford F-150)

"It was a good value for the cost. It has an 8 cylinder engine and purchased when gas prices high. Thus it was highly discounted."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"It is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. Every year it has a major problem, power steering lines rotting out four times,exhaust manifold rotted out, air conditioning lines, fan control, it's always in the shop."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Ford F-150)

"For a “Julian expensive. We use it for towing a trailer and it has plenty of power"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Ford F-150)

"My F150 is an XL is a basic rear wheel regular cab truck. As a truck it functions as an assistant when going to Home Depot, Loews and moving stuff around and hauling to the dump."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-150)

"Best purchase I ever made. Although it's a V6 with a 4 speed automatic tranny, it does everything I want it to do. I haven't had a minutes problem out of it. (Bought it new in 2008)"

Wall M., TN (2008 Ford F-150)

"This truck isn't even made anymore -- it is a very stripped down version and serves our purpose well -- we only use it a very limited amount at our second home"

Susan P., IL (2008 Ford F-150)

"With proper maintance and regular wear and tear ford trucks are a good buy."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Ford F-150)

"The purchase price was very reasonable and I am getting a good value out of it."

Edwin R., KS (2008 Ford F-150)

"It was a fire sale at the Ford dealership in 2008 when gasoline was over $4 per gallon. I got exactly the pickup I wanted at a very good price."

Stan W., TX (2008 Ford F-150)

"Loaded and less than20K new"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-150)

"This truck (crew cab) gives me room to haul my grandkids and yet carry a load plus pull my trailer. The price of the truck was $6K under comparable trucks in GM or Dodge."

Anonymous, OR (2008 Ford F-150)

"Only one repair in 9+ years."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Ford F-150)

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