The F-350 is a heavy-duty truck with a 1-ton capacity as opposed to the 1/2 ton of the F-150. The Super Duty line was redesigned for 2005 with new exterior and revised engines. The ride is stiff and bouncy, especially compared to the F-150. Ford's 6.0-liter turbodiesel packs some real punch and is fairly quiet and free of vibration. Stepping into the cabin is more difficult because of the high floor.
There are 11 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


PAUL L., CA (2008 Ford F-350)

"It is chipped and has excellent acceleration"

PAUL R., MI (2008 Ford F-350)


ELAINE M., CA (2008 Ford F-350)

"I pull a 36 ft 5th wheel that is over 18,000 lbs. Does a great job. Pulls well, stops well."

DAVID S., WA (2008 Ford F-350)

"Love how much power it has when pulling my 32 foot traler"

Anonymous, MN (2008 Ford F-350)

"Acceleration could be better. Handling is great."

Dave G., MI (2008 Ford F-350)

"Disappointed with mileage. Has sufficient power."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford F-350)

"Great acceleration and handling. I love driving it on the road. It also climbs over anything with ease. Definitely has power, just tough suspension on bumpy roads. Hard on the body."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Ford F-350)

"We bought this vehicle to haul our large fifth-wheel trailer. The truck pulls without hesitation. This model is a turbo diesel dually and provides a very stable platform for pulling the trailer, no discernible lateral swaying. While pulling acceleration is not as great as without the trailer, it keeps up with traffic. Without the trailer, I love blasting so-called sports cars off the line from stops. I'm very satisfied with this vehicle."

Steven T., GA (2008 Ford F-350)

"We pull a 36 ft 5th wheel that ways 19000 lbs. It's a diesel that does the job with ease. Most of the miles driven it's pulling the rv."

David S., WA (2008 Ford F-350)

"We pull a 7500 lb travel trailer with it, and it is by far the best hauling vehicle we have ever owned."

Anonymous, BC (2008 Ford F-350)

"Purchased the F-350 to pull a 35' 5th wheel RV. Traveled all over western US for 3 yrs pulling and living in the RV. No problems with mountain roads. Very satisfied with the way the truck handled the trailer."

Anonymous, ID (2008 Ford F-350)

"It has excellent pick up and a great turning radius as well as a very good breaking system which invokes confidence in what might be described as a dicey situation."

Anthony M., SC (2008 Ford F-350)

"It drives fine but the mpg is very poor compared to similar trucks."

Vernon M., WA (2008 Ford F-350)

"It is used for towing and performs wonderfully. It doesn’t drive like most trucks and the comfort inside the cabin is like a luxury car."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-350)

"After market chip controls my shift points, etc. It gives me 6 levels of torque: efficient to powerful."

Ian S., OR (2008 Ford F-350)

"The F-350 is used to haul a trailer. Acceleration & handling perform well when hauling. It accelerates smoothly."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-350)

"I pull a 10000 pound rv and it does it with ease."

Jim M., IN (2008 Ford F-350)

"moves out well, ride is harsh so it can handle big loads of seed and fertilizer. handles trailers and wagons with ease up to towing 10 ten or more."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Ford F-350)

"I trust it to do the job."

David S., WA (2008 Ford F-350)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say


PAUL L., CA (2008 Ford F-350)

"Great seats, trucked is chipped and exhaust has been done and acceleration and performance is awesome."

THOMAS H., AB (2008 Ford F-350)

"I love this truck. Ride is stiff which I like in a truck. No real road noise problems. Seats are very comfortable."

Dave G., MI (2008 Ford F-350)

"Very comfortable and relatively quiet for diesel truck. Problem with it is the suspension is very tight. It's a 350 so understandable however, makes it difficult off road as it's very rough riding"

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Ford F-350)

"Really comfortable. Love driving and riding in it."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Ford F-350)

"Put a 19,000 lb th wheel. Hardly know its back there."

David S., WA (2008 Ford F-350)

"After taking out the interior, replacing the flooring, cleaning the seats & console, the noise & ride have greatly improved the comfort. The seats are comfortable enough. The truck is used to pull a trailer. It does this well giving us a smooth ride without the pull/push that sometimes happens when hauling."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford F-350)

"Stiff suspension for towing 37’ 5th-wheel - rides fine with trailer on, not so fine when not."

Ian S., OR (2008 Ford F-350)

"rides like a truck should, and big and noisy, seats are comfortable, really like that its a bench seat"

Anonymous, WI (2008 Ford F-350)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Some big time repairs (brakes and engine computer). Very expensive and disappointing."

J S., VA (2008 Ford F-350)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The rig just looks good"

DOUG C., WA (2008 Ford F-350)

Would you buy this car again?

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