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Ford Five Hundred

The Ford Five Hundred is a roomy sedan emphasizing comfort and good ergonomics over performance and pizzazz. It features an enormous trunk and expansive rear seats. The driving position, which Ford advertising referred to as "SUV-like Command Seating," is slightly elevated and can be adjusted up and down over a wide range.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"good power and driveablity but have oil bolt leaking seems they tighted to hard ?"

Anonymous, PA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Excellant acceleration and Handling."

BILL R., CO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"It is good. It isn;t a race car but you certainly don't have trouble passing another car on the highway."

GARY H., MO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Handles like a sports car but with firm ride and flat cornering. Good power when needed."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"The engine put into this year model has a slight hesitation on accelerating."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"The continuously variable transmission has worked fine all these years, but acceleration is very weak, reminding me of the slush boxes that were early attempts at automatic transmissions."

Michael R., CO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Has a small engine slow pickup, ford did put a bigger engine in 2016 model"

Anonymous, GA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Good acceleration. Handles well in all weather with all wheel drive."

John N., VA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"The V6 has been very reliable. I have not made any mojor repairs. Most of my miles are highway miles; most of it on interstate routes. The accelleration is fantastic and and I didn't have to get new brakes until 104000 miles. I haven't had to replace the exhaust."

Keith F., NY (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Has quick acceleration, entering a turnpike get to 60 miles/hr in less then 5 seconds. Handling is excellent."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"The acceleration is okay. The 3.0 liter V6 doesn't have the best acceleration performance but it has not been too much of an issue. It handles well in rain or snow."

Zachary C., IN (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"good get up and go when needing to pass"

Pat H., CA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Bad - vibration/rattle of upper compartment for storing eye glasses/sunglasses. Good - Leather seats are comfortable and have held up well."

WILLIAM O., NE (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Large car both inside and out."

EDWARD K., FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Car has easy access, comfortable power seats for front passengers. Ride is quiet and smooth."

RONALD S., MS (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Seats are at the right height to just slide in. No stooping or climbing."

ROBERT H., TX (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Comfortable seats. Ok climate control Good ride Noise is not baf"

MIGUEL H., FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Confortbility of seats, ride is good."

CHARLES D., MO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Terribly harsh ride."

ARNOLD C., MA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"got it brecause I could adjust height if seat as driver. auto set mirror and how close seat was"

JANET N., GA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Adjustable Seats and adjustable controls work very well to fit various size persons"

J M., GA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Most comfortable seating of any car we have ever owned."

Brian R., VA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"I am 6'7" tall and have trouble getting behind the wheel."

John N., CT (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Ride is very smooth and very comfortable seats.. Quiet on the road.."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"rides wll and good driver comfort"

Leroy R., PA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Seats are very comfortable for driving. Their height and shape make it easy for my elderly mother to get into the car. The seat cover material has retained its original condition, even on the driver's seat. The material does not hold heat or cold beyond the internal temperature set and reached after starting the car. The seats have not lost their original shape. The road noise has always been slightly more than I would expect in a large/mid-size sedan. The road noise is generally not noticeable until on poorly maintained road."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"A very comfortable, stylish car that has lasted extremely well. It will carry more luggage in the trunk than any other car I've seen. I wish they still offered a new one!"

E R., IN (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"This car is very comfortable and because it sits higher than most cars it has excellent visibility."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Large seats and interior room. Quiet and smooth ride."

Edward K., FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"It was my first American-made automobile (I lived in Germany for 40 years and drove German cars) so the overall comfort and handling of the Ford was great. I didn't expect that from an American car. Sorry!! I will have to purchase a new one possibly this year. Hope it's as good as this Ford."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Seat height is such that an older adult can slide right in without having to climb or stoop"

Robert H., TX (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"The comfort level of the Five Hundred is great. We have a Civic as our other car and that is great for driving around town, but if we are going on a long road trip, then we will take the Five Hundred as the seat have better lumbar support and is much roomier. The road noise is low and is great for being able to hear each other while driving."

Zachary C., IN (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"very comfortable seats, very easy to see out of, nice size windows, seats nice and big,"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Seats and ride overall acceptable for a 15-model-year-old car. But front end and back end noise is very annoying, and two reputable dealers in town have been unable to determine the cause - even though it has cost me over $3,000 in the past 24 months to try and silence. Unfortunately, this unidentified rattling in the back and clunking in the front is going to cost me on resale value, what little is left. Not to mention it drives me crazy on my daily commute."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"They are large and comfortable on long trips."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Leather seats and both front seats are electric adjustable."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Bought it from a foreign car dealer. It was a trade in, and they underpriced it because they just wanted this domestic car off their lot."

DENA E., VA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Bought used cheap because other buyers did not know what a Five Hundred was. A good serviceable automobile."

Anonymous, MD (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"For what I paid this car it's a great value -- I've put over 250,000 miles on it, it has AWD, all leather, sun roof, gets decent mileage, and can comfortably carry four big guys AND their golf clubs (huge trunk)."

ROBERT L., CA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Good Mileage, Very Confortable."

BILL R., CO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"We have owned this car for 11 years, with no problems and 144K miles. Definitely bang for the buck."

MICHAEL R., CO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"It was expensive back in 2005, but it has been a excellent vehicle for all these years, very few problems, and very good service from the dealer."

Michael R., CO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Comfortable car with very good mpg on trips, and cavernous back seat and trunk."

Brian R., VA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"It is going on 14 years of ownership and I still find it exceptionally reliable and stylish. No major problems - only regular maintenance items like tires. I wish they still offered it for sale."

E R., IN (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Cost under 18000 new,only major repair to a/c."

Edward K., FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"I am 88 years old and have owned many new cars. This car is by far the very best of all of them."

Keith F., NY (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"It has been a great car."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"I have never regretted buying this car. It has been very reliable and I think it was a good value for the money, especially after 13 years."

Anonymous, FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"The Ford Five Hundred has been outstanding, and my regret is that it is no longer made. In design, performance, comfort, luggage capacity and reliability it has outperformed more expensive cars I have owned in the past. Wonderful, carefully thought out design at a fair price."

Robert D., NY (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Over 13.5 years of ownership the average cost to own the car per year has been $3,257.00. This includes purchase price and maintenance/repairs due to normal wear and tear. The average per year maintenance cost for oil changes, brakes pads, and so forth has been $799.00. The average cost per year for repairs due to failing parts, motor mounts, A/C compressor, and the like has been $340.00. The average MPG has stayed at 24 MPG. It still gets 28+ MPG at 70 MPH on the interstate. It has been extremely reliable and comfortable with minimal repairs required."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"very sharp looking car"

EDMUND Y., MI (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"It is a high riding vehicle that performs well"

CHARLES D., MO (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Paint fading and clear coat peeling with rust at door edges"

STEVEN L., PA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Nice clean design."

EDWARD K., FL (2005 Ford Five Hundred)

"Classic outline without sharp lines and unusual shapes. Will stand the test of time. The dash had a bad reflection problem I cured with a dash cover."

J M., GA (2005 Ford Five Hundred)
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