Sporty handling, relatively low noise, and a well-done interior make the Focus feel more like a small sports sedan than a humdrum compact. Though not blazingly fast, the Focus does get good fuel economy Several flaws keep it from being one of our top-rated small cars, though. The most irksome of those is the PowerShift automatic transmission, which stumbles at low speeds.
There are 9 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Took so long for ford to replace clutch 4-5 months. Just doesn't handle the same now after replacement."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Focus)

"The car lurches when it changes gears. (FYI automatic transmission). It's lurched so bad that once or twice almost caused an accident."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"The transmission is faulty. I have been complaining for 3 years to Ford about transmission issues starting at 5,000. The technicians failed to note my transmission concerns on my first several visits. I have finally come to an understanding with Ford and they are buying the car back as a lemon. The transmission slips, jerks, shudders, rattles, sticks in the lower gears, speeds up on its own, and has a delay in acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"2.0L 14 GDI engine. No extra power when accelerating. Dealer said it shifts down when you step on gas. Not a confident feel when passing on 2 lane highways"

Anonymous, AB (2013 Ford Focus)

"The DCT transmission has repeatedly been a problem. But the latest versions of the clutch pack and software has finally produced a transmission that works really well and adds to the pleasure of driving this car."

GABRIEL G., CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"This is a peppy car accelerates well, handling and responsiveness is excellent"

KENNETH R., MO (2013 Ford Focus)

"Lots of fun to drive. Smaller engine could use a bit more power in acceleration but overall great drive."

RONALD O., AB (2013 Ford Focus)

"Transmission vibrates on pick up. Transmission computer reprogramed after a recall letter, at no charge."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Focus)

"It is a fun, peppy car to drive that makes the overall experience fun"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"I like the cruise control's ease of use and also the fact that I can slow down in normal driving while others need to use their brakes, thus using the braking system less unless I need to actually brake to stop the car."

MURIEL J., IA (2013 Ford Focus)

"Excellent feel of power and acceleration with the 5-spd manual. At highway speeds this car has a ride you'd expect in a much larger vehicle; its rock-solid, holds the lane with very little effort. Hard cornering and emergency braking is excellent and this car really handles like a go-kart."

GREG L., ON (2013 Ford Focus)

"Nimble, quick, and relatively quiet, although the transmission is a little clunky at times."

GAYLE W., VA (2013 Ford Focus)

"acceleration onto super highways is not good without downshifting to a lower gear and stomping on the gas and then it's marginal."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"Drives like a sports car still, handles very well. Even after 3+ years"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Ford Focus)

"This vehicle is now driven by another member of the family but when I had it it was a nice easy car to drive especially on long trips."

L M., CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"Car has issues with sudden acceleration. Dealer could not find an issue and it happens at random times and conditions. Think it's a programming error. There is also a tendency of the car to twitch at speed when doing long turns on highways. Very unnerving to have the back end suddenly move almost half a lane in the direction of the G forces. Almost caused an accident twice in the less than 1 year I have had the car."

ALLEN A., NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"Continuous variable transmission is kind of balky"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Focus)

"Ongoing problems with automatic "clutch". Car sometimes stutters when accelerating from a dead stop. Well documented problem. No apparent fix. Recalls have been completed with no effect. New clutch to be installed under warranty at 48,000 k."

Anonymous, NB (2013 Ford Focus)

"terrible transmission. poor response and lack of dealer support to repair. they acknowledge this transmission used in this model was a big mistake."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"Great acceleration and handling. gas mileage is misleading since I average in the twenties due to mostly in-city driving/ stop and go heavy traffic. But driving on I-5 at 60mph I got 40 mpg."

MICHAEL B., CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"I really like the automatic transmission. It shifts fast and it real smooth. I don't miss the torque converter."

JOHN S., CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"Great handling, acceleration and braking. Lots of fun to drive!"

JEFF W., NC (2013 Ford Focus)

"Transmission does not shift correctly. has a recall but dealer will not replace clutch."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Ford Focus)

"I drive on a winding mountain road to work 4 days a week. The Focus acceleration is good. The handling is excellent, it is very predictable"

RONALD G., CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"My wife and I call it "The Gutless Wonder". There aren't too many cars where you floor it and nothing happens - even after downshifting sometimes."

G G., AZ (2013 Ford Focus)

"The best handling car I have owned (15 in all). Fun to drive. Averages 40 mpg highway driving. Many (but not all) convenience features are well thought out and implemented."

THOMAS D., VT (2013 Ford Focus)

"This vehicle did not handle as well in winter driving conditions as did my previous car from another manufacturer. I have now invested in a set of snow tires to compensate for this."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"very good handling, excellent anti skid system"

A M., MI (2013 Ford Focus)

"It's quick, responsive and fun to drive. Handles well for an economy car."

EDWARD H., MI (2013 Ford Focus)

"The transmission goes "clunk" when it shifts"

VERALE P., OH (2013 Ford Focus)

"With the 5-speed manual transmission it is very difficult to accelerate from dead stop without almost stalling. Poor throttle/clutch syncronization. I've owned manual transmission cars exclusively for over 50 years--this is the worst. No mechanical problems, however."

R B., NV (2013 Ford Focus)

"Really really great performance for the price with room for upgrades. I was really surprised in how well it drives. A lot of reviewers preferred the smaller Fiesta but they were driving at the limit on a track. In the real world the Focus ST is much much better - and I drove a bunch of both cars before deciding on the Focus."

KEVIN V., CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"I love the way it drives. Its very solid on the road and has great acceleration. It drives like a sports car."

ROBERT W., MI (2013 Ford Focus)

"Steering, brakes, power, handling and overall performance demeanor of the car are all top notch. The car exudes athleticism behind the wheel. It's a pleasure all the time."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"Very sporty to drive. Nimble, responsive, good feedback to the controls. Economical. Spacious, practical interior. Love the hatch."

ROBERT S., CA (2013 Ford Focus)

"I have owned BMW's and Volkswagons (when I lived in Germany) that didn't handle or accelerate as good as this car. Great nimble handling for mountains and curves, like the Ozarks, where I live."

E C., AR (2013 Ford Focus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are hard to get out of. Otherwise no issues"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"front seats are cramped with not enough leg room. (FYI, I'm 5'6"). Air conditioning is poor."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"My only reservation is in the adjustability of the seats. The manual adjustments are very limited in range making it hard to find a comfortable position for long drives."

LINDA W., MD (2013 Ford Focus)

"The best seats of any car that i,ve ever owned."

DAVID M., FL (2013 Ford Focus)

"seats are not comfortable and car is noisey inside"

ALLEN R., FL (2013 Ford Focus)

"Tight seating for adults in the back. Especially if there is an adult in the front."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Ford Focus)

"Drivers seat does not mo ve up and down"

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Focus)

"Wind noise and lack of good sealing of the door gaskets (especially important in the NorthEastern winters, do NOT enjoy the cold coming from the door while driving)."

ALLEN A., NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"I wish the seats could adjust more.."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"Hwy noise is very loud, I don't know if Ford just put cheap tire's on or if it's the car itself."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Ford Focus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Excellent automobile for the price...roomy for a "small" car...runs great"

MICHAEL M., PA (2013 Ford Focus)

"doesn't hold value for trade in"

DAVID H., MD (2013 Ford Focus)

"The car has no value even before you finish paying for it. I would not buy a Ford again for that reason."

SANDRA D., VT (2013 Ford Focus)

"In the 40000 miles I have driven it I have gotten 35-38 mpg commuting 1 hr each way, I have not had to come out of pocket for anything other than maintenance yet including tires and brakes."

PAT M., IL (2013 Ford Focus)

"Two years ago when I bought the car the resale value was decent. Now I owe $5,000 more than it's worth. I need a minivan for growing teenagers and we are trying to decide if we financially can"

LURA B., AL (2013 Ford Focus)

"It is a lot more car than many others in it's price class after summmer rebates, etc. It is very capable of trailer towing for hauling my ATV with reserve powertrain capacity compared to some imported offerings."

PAUL G., MN (2013 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration and ride are satisfactory. Somewhat noisy inside and difficult for taller people to get into and out of."

ROBERT D., AZ (2013 Ford Focus)

"I carry lots of golf equipment. The car is just too small for this. Overall it is a cute little car. BUT---"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Ford Focus)

"More expensive than expected. Gas mileage is terrible. Same mile per gallon as my escape. My automatic transmission clutch has been defective since purchased. Replaced once and effective again. Poor transmission quality not being repaired by Ford Motor Company."

DAVID B., MI (2013 Ford Focus)

"Good value better than expected gas mileage."

PAUL B., MI (2013 Ford Focus)

"Good incentives from dealer. Low cost with some extras. was much lower than other brands in same class."

Anonymous, AB (2013 Ford Focus)

"I didnt like the transmission it always seemed to be searching for a gear."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Focus)

"The manufacturer's rebates were excellent."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Ford Focus)

"Great value! Have a 5-door SE with no options. Manual transmission, ride and handling, are fabulous."

KURT H., SC (2013 Ford Focus)

"great acceleration, handling, steering, brakes, cornering, sound of the engine."

DONNA T., MD (2013 Ford Focus)

"Bad Transmission, slips and shutters from the time I bought it. Had transmission repaired several times. Most recent repair was new clutch, July 2016."

GERARD M., PA (2013 Ford Focus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I really like the design of this car. It not only looks good for its class, but it's very functional as well. Ford didn't sacrifice design for function or vice versa."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Ford Focus)

"I get comments often about how nice the car looks."

E C., AR (2013 Ford Focus)

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