The Mustang GT does more than go fast in a straight line. Agile handling and good brakes, a tolerable ride and comfortable seats, easy access and a good view out all contribute to a satisfyingly enjoyable drive. It doesn't hurt that the V8 is a hell-raiser that sounds great and the six-speed manual has short throws and an easy shift action.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It's a performance car with great handling and excelleration. Even for a V6 which CR recommended over the V8. There are times when I would like a more relaxed ride."

JOHN D., AZ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"307 hp 6 cylinder matched with a 6 speed stick is a great combination. Great acceleration. Turning radius is amazing."

MICHAEL H., NH (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration and handling. Turns on a dime."

JOSEPH A., NY (2014 Ford Mustang)

"I feel like I did driving 40 years ago. The noise of the engine, steering, feel is great and reminissant of the older cars. Makes me feel young again when I drive it."

KEVIN S., TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"handles well, accelerates well and good gas mileage"

TONY M., WA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"all but location of speedometer and lack of telescoping steering wheel are great."

THOMAS F., NY (2014 Ford Mustang)

"outstanding looking car, very good accelation, and sound"

Anonymous, OR (2014 Ford Mustang)

"It is a very quick automobile and its potential power needs to be driven with respect...don't recommend it for teenagers."

MICHAEL B., TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"non-independant rear suspension"

KIRK F., OR (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Very good acceleration and handling, especially for the price"

MICHAEL R., MO (2014 Ford Mustang)

"I bought this car for both styling and performance. Although the car has much more power than necessary, it can be fun to exercise it's potential."

STEVE L., AL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"It is a GT with a v8 motor and 6 spd transmission. It handles well and has very good acceleration. The manual transmission is fun to shift. I have put a different shifter in the car that has helped with the fun factor"

JOHN N., KS (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Best value for performance of any high performance vehicle I've ever owned"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Always had hesitation with acceleration. Press pedal, wait 1-2 seconds and then get response. Power and acceleration is strong."

JOEL E., NC (2014 Ford Mustang)

"This car will move! and the fuel economy is great for something with the power that it has."

CONNOR H., GA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"I was unsure about the V6 at first but after three years I have grown to respect this power plant"

LEO A., CT (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Handles like a good sports car. Accelleration from the V6 is excellent."

DAVID S., PA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The six-cylinder car has good power and the sports gear enables me to put it in gear manually, which I like."

PAUL C., CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Although it lacks a lot of low end torque, the car still has amazing acceleration and power for a six. Excellent gas mileage. Even with solid axle, handles very well. I don't see the reason why Ford introduced the turbo four which has VERY similiar performance and fuel consumption but at a considerably greater cost. The four also sounds pathetic."

Anonymous, NS (2014 Ford Mustang)

"This car is a delight to drive! The engine/transmission is VERY responsive. The handling and road worthiness is fantastic. Even better than the Corvette I owned. Lovely car, attention grabber, I just love it!"

CHUCK R., ON (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is awesome but it is comfortable whether driving around town or on the road. Handling is superb with all season tires but extremely dangerous with standard summer tires when temperature drops too 40-50 degrees. I changed to all season for safety and the ability to drive year round and extended tire life not afforded by summer tires"

MARVIN A., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Great acceleration for a 6 cylinder."

LARRY L., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"For a V6 this car can go very well. It has excellent acceleration. It also handles very well."

BERNARD A., AZ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Electronically controlled Bilstein shocks and 662 hp. Nuff said."

GARY W., MA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"420 horses gets the car up and moving. It is a fun car to drive. I smile every time I get in it and go somewhere. It makes getting there a real treat"

John N., KS (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Great handling and acceleration even though base model"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"My Mustang is actually a Roush Stage 2 Mustang that's been modified. The Ford quality is excellent, and the Roush handling package is awesome- very balanced and tight, but not too jarring. The engine/manual transmission with modifications are also awesome- I'm VERY satisfied with both the Ford built engine, as well as my modifications done to the engine and transmission."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Very high power levels and handles like a sports car."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Very spunky performance with great throttle response and smooth shifting,"

A B., IN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"All other factors aside, I bought my Mustang for the driving experience, and it blows me away every time I get behind the wheel. It's a blast to drive, yet comfortable and refined at the same time."

Brandon M., VA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Top 3 fastest USA built cars."

Wayne D., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The suspension, brakes, cooling system and tires are all modified for track use. Despite frequent and severe use at numerous race tracks, nothing has ever broken or been repaired. Of course many sets of brake pads, rotors and tires have been replaced because of the severe use. A very durable car!"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Very powerful for a V6... handles well."

Edward H., CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Very fast and corners good."

James S., MI (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Car handles well. Acceleration is good (V8 pwr) 6 speed trans. Driving the car puts a smile on my face. Gas mileage is really good for a V8 engine. Very happy with my purchase."

John N., KS (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The best driving of all the Mustang I ever owned. Have had 13 of them. The best quality of also."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Very quick, especially for a 6 cylinder. Handles like glued to road."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Engine has a lot of power but the automatic transmission is helpless in using it."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Acceleration is very good"

James R., PA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Style, handling very good"

Tony M., WA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"300 HP six cylinder engine is an excellent performing engine. Acceleration very impressive and I get 30 MPG at highway speeds."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Has all the power I could ever want or need. I can accelerate confidently into traffic or away from bad situations. It's also fun to drive."

D C., CT (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The car is surprisingly comfortable to drive on the highway. It is very frugal with regard to fuel consumption and is fun to drive."

Anonymous, NS (2014 Ford Mustang)

"lots of acceleration and the cornering is ex"

Anonymous, BC (2014 Ford Mustang)

"smooth and powerful."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Good acceleration, handles well, fun to drive"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Quick response. Low to the ground."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Pretty fast."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"it responds; excellent handling."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Very powerful, Sporty, great acceleration, Handles like a sports car."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Great sporty ride, great acceleration for a v6"

Anonymous, MD (2014 Ford Mustang)

"I bought an aftermarket programmer and used it to boost the performance of the car. Big improvement - this V6 really has a lot of power when you let it loose. Very fun to drive."

Michael M., KS (2014 Ford Mustang)

"It has quick acceleration with a V^ but still gets decent gas millage. It handles well in traffic."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Good highway acceration"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Good acceleration and handling. I am most pleased with the fuel economy. My mileage will range from 25-32 MPG depending on my use."

Robert J., TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Good acceleration for a base model. Handles well since I changed tires."

Michael K., FL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Kind of covered that previously, but acceleration is very linear as is the braking. Easy to modulate brakes. I have a live rear axle which is remarkably good on corners. Of course the newer cars with independent rears would be better, but it doesn't bother me too much. In real life the car is very easy to handle in emergencies, like 7 turkeys crossing the road. Got braked down quickly without perturbing my passenger very much, and manage to duck in between Turkey 6 and Turkey 7 in the opposing lane with no traffic approaching. Pretty slick. I'll take total credit for the move, but the car made it SO much easier. I have well over a million miles of driving experience in all kinds of weather and all sizes of vehicles from an MG Midget to a 76 seat school bus."

Anonymous, NH (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Fast sounds great"

Wilma B., FL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"I love driving this car. It handles curves in the road with ease. The acceleration is excellent, which is useful in getting out of tricky situations on crowded highways. The only issue is the automatic transmission can be sluggish in a down shift, causing hesitation with acceleration when the car is already moving. Overall, driving this car is the best driving experience I've ever had."

Scott S., NC (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Can't beat the sound of a Mustang 5.0. Acceleration and braking are great. Handling is great on smooth roads. Rear end sometimes steps out on bumpy corners due to this model-year having a solid rear axle."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Ford Mustang)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats have no lumbar adjustment. There was no automatic climate control at the higher trim level."

MICHAEL L., MN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Seats are not comfortable for long trips - this is not a touring car. I currently work and live in South Korea as a defense contractor - the car could not be imported for ordinary citizens of south Korea until the 2015."

MICHAEL H., NH (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Style, acceleration, reliability"

FELDMAN F., NY (2014 Ford Mustang)

"I am uncomfortable in the passenger seat and how the head rest hits me."

MICHELLE J., IN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The seats are uncomfortable, the overall ride is stiff, but it's a sports car. I wouldn't recommend the car for long rides."

CHRISTINE D., GA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Road noise bad. Even after tire change to a quieter tire"

JOEL E., NC (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The power drivers side power seat does not hold it's position in the raised position. It has been dealt with at the Ford dealer but still doesn't function correctly."

PAUL S., FL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Back seat comfort is OK only for very short rides or very small people."

DAN G., CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Both my wife and I have trouble getting into and out os the car."

STAN B., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Hate the poor blue tooth system"

KEVIN S., TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The tires on this car are extremely noisy"

CHARLES E., FL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"It came with Recaro seats, nuff said."

GARY W., MA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The seats are comfortable, the climate control could be more sophisticated. I have a 2010 Ford Fusion with better climate control."

JOHN D., AZ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Find the seats not very comfortable over a long driving period."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Seats are well cushioned and great for tall drivers. Car feels well connected to road with proper feedback. Ride is as smooth as Lexus. Road noise is very quiet for a convertible. Long trips are comfortable."

MARK L., NC (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The front seats are very comfortable and easy to adjust. The rear seats are useless. Only a very small child will feel comfortable in them"

Ed G., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The passenger seat can not be adjusted higher need a booster seat to be able to see properly."

Joseph W., CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Seats and ride are better then expected for this class of car."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Roush stage 3 aluminator 675 Bhp. Ricardo seats. Faster than Shelby better Warrantee one of 69 built collectible."

Wayne D., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"difficult to enter and depart speakers in the way difficult to use seatbelt difficult to use back seat"

Anonymous, TN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Excellent seat, low noise for a convertible"

David B., OK (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Ride is somewhat firm but that's a usually a tradeoff in a decent handling sports car. Original tires were garbage. Noise level significantly reduced when we put new tires on at 30K+ miles. Seats are manageable, even on long trips."

Randy C., MN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"seats feel very sport but comfortable"

J E., TX (2014 Ford Mustang)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"A fun car that has tons of aftermarket parts to customize it to your liking."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Good performance car for the price.Very easy to increase performance with bolt on upgrades."

KIRK F., OR (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Handling is good however wish it had independent rear suspension.and the navigation screen did not show fingerprints."

MARVIN A., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Purchased this vehicle from a private party in the winter when convertibles don't sell well and after the 2016 redesign was unveilled. It had extremely low mileage and was garage kept. So we effectively purchased a new vehicle at a significant discount."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Had convertible top leaks. Dealer and ford bordered on incompetent on resolving satifactorly and quickly."

ROBERT M., PA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The Mustang GT is THE best value for a high performance car. The driving experience (handling/performance) is outstanding. I get many compliments on the styling. The price was modest. The quality is first-rate. Fuel economy is excellent for a car like this one."

JEFF S., CA (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Superb value. Paid $20,800 in cash. Excellent car."

FELDMAN F., NY (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Based upon what I actually paid for this car new it offered alot and I got a very good deal"

ED G., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"always wanted a mustang and i like it a bunch. changed design following year so got xtra good deal on it."

THOMAS F., NY (2014 Ford Mustang)

"last model year style September 2014 purchase with multiple discounts in short, cost"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Ford Mustang)

"You get a great car at the GT V8 level trim package"

MICHAEL L., MN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Looked for aging inventory on, Dealer had listed at 20% off sticker."

CARL M., TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Paid 22k for car in June 2015 with 13,000 verified one owner no wrecks"

Anonymous, TN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The purchase price of our well-equipped car (V6) was $2000 less than a base model Prius. Considering the fun we have had driving it, and zero repairs, we are very satisfied."

Randy C., MN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Mustang is a fun car to drive with ample handling and acceleration. People often comment on how great the vehicle looks and the Ruby Red Metallic color."

Ramsay M., CT (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Ford offered employee pricing at the time I bought this vehicle. I also received an additional discount through COSTCO. It was in the same price range of a decent Honda or Toyota"

Anonymous, NS (2014 Ford Mustang)

"No other car could touch this for bang for the buck. I test drove the 2014 Camaro, but it felt like sitting in a bathtub and the dash controls looked like Mattel designed them. Plus the Camaro was gonna cost a little more for bang for buck by the time I factory ordered the options I wanted. The Challenger I never drove because it was going to cost a LOT more to get similar performance to the Mustang. For acceleration and handling, I did incredibly well plus I got factory discounts, and I got what I wanted with a factory order. I don't regret the purchase at all. I could do with an interior that's as nice as the 2019, but knew I had to sacrifice something back then to keep it within my budget. Glad I didn't wait for a later year mode. If I was loaded I'd put in air bags for a better ride while keeping the performance (it can be done) but don't have the money. My friends love riding in the car. Horrible back seat leg room, but I manage to make it work for the very few semi tall friends who are willing to take turns riding back there on very rare occasions. But that's a natural sacrifice for a car that's not meant to be a passenger car. I don't regret the purchase at all. The Ford dealer has been totally great. Basically I got a $43k car for $39k. Current value at my mileage is actually quite reasonable. I'm totally happy with the automatic transmission. Seats are pretty decent, got the ones with heat instead of the Recaros, which I didn't feel were worth the extra money and you can't adjust headrests on Recaro's, which is very important to me. I don't do track driving, but can get aggressive on back roads and highways when the circumstances are right. The car always makes me happy. You have my permission to contact me (Chuck) at anytime you want about anything, this car or anything else."

Anonymous, NH (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Love this Mustang now as much as day I bought it."

Wilson H., AL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"It didn't come with auto climate control included and it should have."

Michael L., MN (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The level of performance from the 5.0 engine is exhilarating, without being so much that it is uncontrollable."

Greg B., OH (2014 Ford Mustang)

"As a convertible, it is the most fun for the cost of any car I've ever owned."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Mustang)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"looks more like the original mustang"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Ford Mustang)

"I've always loved the Mustang, so I made up my mind to get one. I had to choose between the 2014 and the new design 2015. Saw them side-by-side at an auto show and decided that the 2015 had lost a lot of the "Mustang" look. Bought the 2014 GT and think it's a very good looking car."

MARK A., FL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Strangers often say "What a great looking car!""

ALFRED P., FL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"The 2014 Mustang was the last year for the "retro" model. I bought the GT premium and had a Ford Racing Performance exhaust, air intake and a computer reprogramming installed by the Ford dealer at the time of purchase. The upgrade does not violate the warranty. It is a beautiful looking, sounding and performing car."

MICHAEL B., TX (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Color choices. Mustang was one of a few cars that had some fun colors (bright green, bright blue) aside from the usual boring colors like black, white, red, silver and beige so common on all cars today."

STEVEN S., AL (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Mustangs always have great styling, so too my 2014. It's a convertible and I get a lot of complements."

LARRY L., NJ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Many people tell me how cool it looks. I think it looks a lot like a 1969. I put Bullet wheels on it, its real pretty Ruby Red, just a take me back car and much faster than anything I've ever had including my similar 1966 Mustang."

TROY T., NC (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Classic muscle car body style"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Mustang)

"Just the overall look, and the retro styling"

MICHAEL R., MO (2014 Ford Mustang)
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