The Ford Ranger falls far short of modern pickup-truck standards. It's ungainly and stiff-riding; has a rough and noisy, inefficient engine; and a cramped, uncomfortable cabin. The interior is crudely finished. Compact dimensions and a usefully sized bed are the Ranger's only pluses. Even if you took thousands off its list price, the Ranger still would not be a bargain.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Can drive in any road conditions with general grabber 2"

    Michael H., TN (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Acceleration is ok. Handling is a challenge. Easily spins out on Wet and slick roads. Slightest lean can cause rear end to spin out"

    Edward B., KY (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Acceleration is adequate -- even pulling a trailer. It handles well more like a sports car than a lumbering full size pickup"

    Gregory R., ME (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "It has a 4 cylinder engine, so it's not about to break any speed records, but acceleration in plenty good for my needs."

    Barry S., AZ (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Engine is sluggish but manual transmission helps ...ride is stiff and ruff"

    Kenneth P., ON (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "What stands out is the fact that it handles well, sturdily and handily, even under load. We have a five-speed, and it's responsive even when climbing hills. It's quick and fun to drive."

    April C., SC (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Good power, handles well on curves."

    GEORGE H., MA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "rough ride."

    Anonymous, BC (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "the gas pedal is very stiff"

    Anonymous, CT (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "The rear end slips out quite easily. I have to use sand bags to keep it following."

    Anonymous, WA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Does not have a very tight turning radius; difficult to make a 180 degree turn in tight areas requiring me to stop, back up a little, and then continue the turn."

    GARY A., CA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "gas mileage is bad"

    WILLIAM T., ME (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "I do a great deal of mountain pass and foothills driving. The overdrive cutout works well. However, acceleration on these roads is slow to respond."

    PETER S., WA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "it's ok"

    Anonymous, ME (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "For a truck it drives really good, don't bounce you bad like other trucks"

    Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Surprisingly good handling at highway speeds."

    Anonymous, AB (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Trans shifts very late"

    Gary M., TX (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "4 wheel drive works well. Accelerates as needed"

    Anonymous, ON (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Decent acceleration but not outstanding,"

    Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "shifts in and out of overdrive roughly"

    Anonymous, TX (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Stiff ride but not used for traveling but hauling"

    L P., OK (2008 Ford Ranger)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "ford Ranger is the best Pick Up for reason engine made in Japan!!!"

    Rubin B., NJ (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Seats are not comfortable for long-distance driving. The ride is very rough, even on seemingly well paved streets. , I don't like the suspension which causes a lot of rattling and shaking while cruising along."

    Gary A., CA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "My only comment is regarding road noise. The passenger side always sounds as though the front and/or back door is not shut properly. It always is, but there's more noise than I'd like."

    Kathy P., IA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "It has rattles on the passenger door that required applying gorilla tape, which worked great for a while. But lately sometimes, it rattles anyway, but only if somebody is sitting in the passenger seat. Also, the driver side power window “chatters‿."

    Marshall C., WA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "The ride is okay but not great. Some road noise. Seats are very comfortable."

    Barry S., AZ (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "High noise. Poor stability in turns. Rough ride on good road"

    Edward B., KY (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "The seats are firm but not stiff and sit "high" compared with the previous Ranger model. The cab is high enough to accommodate a tall driver. It's a noisy ride compared to our Prius, but for a small truck, road noise is minimal and doesn't inhibit conversation. The ride is comfortable on highway, on gravel roads, and on two-lane paved roads. We carry canoes and kayaks with this truck, and the weight and volume of the boats doesn't affect the ride or handling."

    April C., SC (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "the upholstery of the drivers seat is wearing down, is tearing apart at some of the seams."

    ORLANDO V., PR (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "the seats are very hard and uncofortible"

    Anonymous, CT (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Since we are 70 & 72, we find getting In and somewhat difficult. The seats are also crowded."

    Anonymous, CO (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "I'm 6'4" and the Ranger is a bit crowded, it would be nice if I had more leg room. The "MAX AC" works like a champion"

    THOMAS W., FL (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "cramped cabin, poor seats and harsh ride."

    DAVID E., CA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Seat belt on passenger side locks and it will not let you move without an sudden stop"

    Anonymous, MO (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Uncomfortable seating, noisy, not much comfort allover"

    Anonymous, NM (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Very nice working vehicle, reliable and stylish."

    Norman B., NS (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Comfort of seats is good. Can hear road noise. Starting to feel vibration between 95-105 km/hr."

    Stan S., ON (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "2hours is the max on a trip. Then the seat becomes a rock. Cannot take On a trip longer than 2 to 3 hrs."

    Gary M., TX (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Ride is very rough, noisy"

    Anonymous, ON (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "seats can not adjust very good have to use a pillow"

    Gerrard B., NY (2008 Ford Ranger)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Bought it on sale, very deeply discounted. I like a small truck and this was an excellent bargain but is cramped, rides rough, and the seats are poor. It has been relatively maintenance free other than regular maintenance."

    DAVID E., CA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "can see well all around when driving, can haul a lot of items in bed, drives good."

    Anonymous, FL (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "very happy so far"

    Anonymous, ME (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Good: $17K on the road brand new. Purchased in late 2008 when Ford was offering good discounts."

    STAN S., ON (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "I got good price buying it and now good retail price also"

    Anonymous, CA (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "it is a perfect size for someone who need a pickup only on occasion. And I find the look of it to be perfect for me. It hasn't changed in many years."

    Paul R., OR (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "I bought this truck during the great recession, on the road for $17500, basic with air conditioning as only extra."

    Stan S., ON (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "Great small pickup for ocassional use. It is a second vehicle"

    L P., OK (2008 Ford Ranger)

    "This has been a very durable and reliable truck."

    Anonymous, BC (2008 Ford Ranger)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Picture my Ranger parked between two brand new 2008 F150s: big tough,small, big tough"

    JEAN L., ON (2008 Ford Ranger)

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